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Taylor Swift Caught Up In Ultimate Internet Battle

Taylor Swift is no stranger to a bit of a battle. Remember her and Kanye? or her and Katy Perry? or her and Demi Lovato? or her and Calvin Harris? Or her and Niki Minaj? Or her and...okay we're going to stop now but you get the point. Well now she is in a battle of epic proportions and it is through entirely no fault of her own. As she strutted down the street looking her usual fabulous self, she was papped in full flow but unbeknownst to her, a regular person was just trying to get a look and see if it was the mythical pop-star herself. Unfortunately for this gent, the whole thing comes across as rather...err...creepy. Poor soul. In any case, the internet has risen to the occasion and used photoshop to commemorate this special event and now it has turned into a bit of a battle to see who can create the best Taylor and creepy guy meme so here are some of the best we could find.

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