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21 Live TV Moments That Made Our Eyes Pop
There's always a strong possibility that things will go wrong on live TV and because of the precarious nature of the job, you can go from a calm and composed journalist to an embarrassed one in seconds; just like these anchors and reporters. Some inadvertently reveal their underwear; others call their co-anchors "Daddy", and the vast majority find themselves on the receiving end of prankish citizens lurking in the background of their reports. One company even requests that their journalists take off their clothes when reporting.
18 Examples of Spectacular Body Art
From the freaky to the downright absurd, you'll be hard-pressed to dislike these artworks. Some will shock you, while others might impress you and make you more enamoured with the artistic medium of bodypainting.  What we at The Celebrity Lane are most impressed with is the creative vision that has gone into these works. In fact, some of these examples wouldn't be out of place in a psychedelic David Lynch movie. Or be used as models for the latest Kanye West fashion extravaganza. Here are some great examples of how body painting can be used as a way of artistic expression. 1. Crab out of a barrel
Embarrassing Sporting Moments That Were Caught on Camera
Embarrassing and silly photos in sport are hell hilarious and we at TheCelebrity Lane can't thank these sharp-eyed photographers enough.  With that in mind, here are some embarrassing sporting moments where the photographer captured more than they could have ever expected.
41 Walk of Shame Photos That Will Put You Off Drinking For a While
Partying is a lot like candy: it's great, though only in moderation. You only have to look at Charlie Sheen to see that. But that's not to dismiss anyone who likes a good old boogie. Enjoying the party lifestyle is perfectly acceptable, and the rhymic trance and blissful euphoria that rushes through our veins when on our local dancefloor can be hard to come across when working the 9-5 grind so it's understandable many party hard as a way to let off steam. 
35 Celebrity Photos That Almost Broke the Internet
Celebrities love to share photos of their glamorous lifestyles and beautiful bods because why not? If you've got it, flaunt it right? Sometimes we just want to see how the other half live and sometimes we just really appreciate the imagery. In any case here are 15 images of stars that nearly broke the internet.
28 Viral Photos That Will Bring You to Your Knees with Laughter
It may not be the most pleasing of days, and you'll likely be reading this in the pursuit of some much-needed escapism. So what better way to forget about life's woes than through 28 laugh-out-loud moments caught on camera? Some will make you wince. Others may offer questions as to how an earth somebody could be so stupid. But more than anything, you'll realise that life's too short to feel blue. So cheer up and let The Celebrity Lane tickle you pink with a dose of stupidity and comedic ingenuity. 1. Last Friday night, I was staring at your.....
These Wedding Photographers Captured More Than Expected
Wedding photos are all about capturing that perfect moment...
These Cameramen Captured More Than Expected
Photos are all about capturing that perfect moment...
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