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12 Celebrities Who Got Totally Starstruck Around Their Idols
It appears even celebrities get starstruck!

10 People Who Got On The Wrong Side of Taylor Swift
The pop powerhouse is a mighty force, but these gutsy celebrities weren't afraid to get on her bad side.

Famous Stars Who Left Their Partners For Someone Else Once They M...
It seems fame and wealth played a big role in their decisions to pursue greener grass.

10 Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Mormons
One of the strictest faiths has a lot of followers in the liberal utopia of Hollywood.

Robert Pattinson Shaded Charlie Hunnam On Lost City of Z Set
It sounds like R-Patz made things very awkward for the Sons of Anarchy hunk on the set of their new movie.

10 Celebrities Who Were Born With Silver Spoons In Their Mouths
Not every celebrity story is a rags-to-riches one. In some cases, they were already stinking rich.

12 Hollywood Celebrities That Are Known For Their Kindness
Being nice isn't often synonymous with fame and fortune but it appears these 12 celebrities are the exception.

16 Celebrities Who Used to be Refugees
Celebrities have come from a variety of backgrounds to get to where they are, with some even being refugees when they were younger.

10 Celebrities Whose Kids Took Their Lives
We take a tragic look at the kids of 10 stars who ended their lives.

The 6 Worst US Presidents In Video Games
We have no idea how we came up with this idea.

10 Jarring Celebrities Everyone Hated By The End of 2016
They may have earned millions in 2016, but these 10 stars accumulated millions more haters along the way.

18 Hollywood Relationships That Died In 2016
It appeared 2016 took no mercy when it came to arresting romantic love in Hollywood.

15 of the Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments Ever Caught On Camera
Celebrities make monumental mistakes too, only theirs are caught on camera!

The 10 Most Popular Videos on YouTube of 2016
What the world was watching in the year that was.

21 Live TV Moments That Made Our Eyes Pop
Live TV is a hard gig in itself, let alone when something embarrassing happens.

10 Celebrity Feuds That Continue To Persist
It seems Taylor Swift isn't the only celebrity with bad blood.

10 Criminal Celebrity Cases That Had Everyone Gripped To Their Seats
Some of these cases became international spectacles.

20 Celebrities Who Have Dated More People Than Casanova
Being a serial dater in Hollywood isn't hard- especially when you're famous.

10 Celebrities Who Were Horrible To Their Personal Assistants
No matter how much you love these celebrities, you wouldn't ever want to work for them.

Are These Celebs (& Others) Actually Time Travelers?
Have these people, including some of our favorite celebs, mastered time travel?

15 Celebrities Who Are Mean In Real Life
Celebrities often have special charms but some clearly think they are better than others.
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