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Simon Cowell 'surprised' by Liam Payne's new Record Deal

A bitter Simon Cowell was "surprised" Liam Payne had signed a solo deal with his rival Capitol Records. 

The 56-year-old industry bigwig, who signed One Direction to his label 'Syco' after they finished 3rd on the UK version of 2010's 'X Factor', was left disappointed when he found out the One Direction hunk had decided against staying with his company Syco Music. 

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight' Simon admitted: "I was slightly surprised to read that Liam signed to another label. I wasn't expecting it. But you know, that happens."

The news comes after the music mogul took  a swipe at the 22-year-old singer when he praised the "loyalty" of his band mates -Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, and Niall Horan - but failed to mention him. 

He said earlier this week: "We're in touch with them all. The great thing about all these boys - well not all of them but most of them - they are incredibly loyal, and you don't always expect that. Niall, Harry, Louis - amazing."

Liam - who is dating Cheryl Fernandez-Versini - announced the news of his new record deal last week but was adamant that One Direction would always be his "family," while his sister, Ruth, stressed that Payne would return to the band.

The tweet, which Payne wrote following the confirmation of his solo deal last week, read: "I'm really happy to have signed to such a prestigious label as Capitol Records UK. 

"Capitol Records has an amazing history stretching right back before even Frank Sinatra and I'm really looking forward to becoming part of their story.

"One Direction will always be my family; I'm now excited to show what I can do as a solo artist."

What we at The Celebrity Lane want to know is what's truly going on behind the scenes? After all, Liam isn't the only existing band member to sign a solo deal. Does Harry Styles mammoth multi-million dollar deal with Columbia Records ring any bells, Simon? Very strange comments....

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