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Meryl Streep Feared Every Film Would be her Last

Meryl Streep once feared that every film would be her last. 

Talking to the Wall Street Journal magazine about her past anxieties involving future bookings, Meryl - who's last Oscar came in the Best Actress category in 2011 for 'The Iron Lady' - said: "If you're lucky you can keep working. But everybody has troughs and dismal times - every single person.

"I remember as I was hovering around 40, I thought each movie would be my last, really. And all the evidence of other 40-year-old women at that time - this is 27 years ago - would lead you to believe it was over."

And the mother of four - who has daughters Mamie, 32, Grace, 30, Louisa, 25, and 36-year-old son Henry with her long-term husband Don Gummer - has admitted she would have been "unhappy" if her acting career had of come to an end because of her age. 

She explained: "On a certain level you don't have any choice - you're unhappy if you're not doing it, so you're compelled in a certain way."

But judging by her career so far, it appears the actress has nothing to fear. In fact, Meryl is set to join the cast of 'Mary Poppins Returns' and play the role of Mary's cousin, Topsy, who didn't appear in the 1964 classic. Emily Blunt, 33, - who starred with Meryl in the hit film 'Devil Wears Prada'- will take on the leading role of Mary Poppins, the character made famous by Julie Andrews.

The much-anticipated sequel is rumoured to be released in December 2018 and will focus on some of the material featured in P.L. Travers' classic novels.

We can't wait! 

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