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A Woof from the Grave: Demi Lovato's Heartfelt Tribute to dog

Demi Lovato has emotionally paid tribute to her late dog, Buddy.

The songstress was left devastated when her beloved canine was killed in a coyote attack last year. Taking to Twitter, Lovato wrote a beautiful tribute.

"RIP to my baby boy Buddy," she wrote. "You will forever be my baby angel. I miss you so much.. Wish Batman could've met his big brother. 

"One year since I lost you. I love you Buddy."

Following his death, Demi got a tattoo to pay homage to him, which said: "Buddy was here", and was inked in the form of a child's handwriting.

Last year, the 23-year-old singer shared her devastation with her fans with an emotive Instagram post. 

Alongside a video of herself with Buddy, Demi wrote: "One year ago today, God blessed me with the sweetest little angel and my very first son. Words will never be able to express my love and bond with him. 

"I felt like he was literally my baby because the connection I had with this little guy was scarily human. I believe he came into my life at the perfect time but he left way too soon and a piece of my heart will always be broken without him in this world."

Demi was also adamant that the cute canine will always be part of her life- despite his early death.

She continued: "I love you so much Buddy and I miss you every single minute of every single day but you'll live on in my heart with memories like this forever ... RIP my little baby boy and angel. I love you my little lion heart. Your light is inside of me."

Oh, Demi! Our heart truly goes out to you. Stay strong, you're an amazing woman.

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