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John Legend Performs At London Train Station, Wows Commuters

Songwriter, musician and occasional actor, married to supermodel Chrissy Teigen and now with a new baby, John Legend is the man who has it all, but on Wednesday morning he stunned fans by holding an impromptu a train station.

For those who have been to London, the likelihood is that you passed through the Kings Cross/St. Pancras station. It is, after all, London's busiest transport hub with the King's Cross part dealing with domestic trains and St Pancras being home to the international ones that travel across Europe.

However, fewer may know that around the station are pianos that anyone can sit down and play if they are just waiting for a train or looking for entertainment and this can attract all sorts of people and all sorts of musical styles, however few would expect a multi-platinum selling artist to sit down and crack out a few of their hits.

Yet this is exactly what Legend did, shortly after stepping off the Eurostar train from Paris, France where he has been touring in Europe, and he even gave fans a little heads up when he tweeted 'Arriving at London @StPancrasInt on @EurostarUK. Do they still have that piano there?"

Playing for around 15 minutes, he performed a bunch of hits, including 'Ordinary People' and 'All of Me', to an awe-struck crowd and soon pictures and videos began circling. We're not sure what regular commuters would have made of the thronging masses blocking their way but, for the most part, people were happy to see the star before he stepped away and sped off in a waiting car. Watch the video below.



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