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10 Musicians That Cracked Every Country Except America

The music business isn't for the faint-hearted, and the path to superstardom is one filled with hurdles. In other words, the chance of making a career from selling your music is pretty slim, and those that do barely get by. But like in any competitive industry, there are always a few that make it big and give the smaller acts hope that nothing is impossible. Just take these 10 acts as an example. They've sold millions of records the world over, play regularly in sold-out stadiums and for the most part, get mobbed wherever they go.

Well, unless they happen to be stateside.... In fact, these global acts have cracked almost every market imaginable, yet the most lucrative of all markets continues to evade them. Here are ten examples.

1. Oasis 

The British pop-rock band took the world by storm in the 1990s and were part of a wave of British bands that dominated the pop-rock scene. However, while similar bands (The Stone Roses, Blur, etc) provided healthy competition, they were no commercial match for the Gallagher brothers four-piece band,  who once held the record for the fastest-selling British debut album of all time when their album, 'Definitely Maybe' was released. 

But 70 million album sales later, Oasis are still a largely unknown quantity in America.  And though they shifted a million copies of their debut album across the pond, their failure to build on said success-according to Noel Gallagher- was down to lead vocalist, Liam Gallagher, who cancelled their stateside stadium tour so he could go house hunting with his then partner, Patsy Kensit.

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