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15 Famous People in Pretty Cool Bands

Famous people. We love them for all different reasons and that's why they're famous but they're not all just one trick ponies. Many actors can dance or sing and vice versa but usually one talent outshines the other but what happens when one of these famous people tries to indulge both of their passions? Here we look at some pretty cool bands that have members in who are famous for doing things other than music.

1. Hollywood Vampires

Secret Star: Johnny Depp

A rock super group formed by Alice Cooper, Joe Perry of Aerosmith fame and the actor Johnny Depp. Playing your standard classic rock along the lines of Alice Cooper's regular stuff, Depp does guitar and backing vocals and a whole array of celebrity musicians often join them on tour. No stranger to taking to the stage with an instrument in his hand, the Sleepy Hollow and Edward Scissor Hands star has previously joined the likes of shock rocker Marilyn Manson so forming his own band should come as no real surprise.

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