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A Look At The 12 Acts On The Mercury Prize Shortlist

The Mercury Music Prize is one of the biggest prizes in the British and Irish Music Industry as it is judged by musicians, critics and music industry bigwigs on artistry, craftsmanship and songwriting prowess and this year there is a delightful array of massive names alongside lesser-known acts who are all in the mix for the top gong. Here we look at the artists and albums that have made it to the shortlist and consider why they are being held in such high regard.

1. David Bowie - Blackstar

The now late, great Bowie always pushed boundaries with sound and songwriting and Blackstar was no different. Dark and reflective, it is a masterpiece musing on the nature of death. Some may quibble that this is a sentimental choice by the judges but, given that it is his best LP in many years, that may ring untrue as it is a genuinely great piece of art.

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