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20 Reasons Why Taylor Swift Rocks

Taylor Swift isn't even 30, yet her achievements in the last decade would put most of us mere mortals to shame. Not only has she become one of the biggest recording artists in the world, but she's also maintained a loving and unassuming personality that hasn't been tainted by fame and fortune. 

Undoubtedly, all you Swifties reading this will already know of her awesomeness but for those less familiar, we suggest you let us take you through 20 reasons why Tay-Tay rocks.

1. Taking on Apple.... And Winning

The American computing giant is known to have more money in their accounts than the whole of America's Federal Reserve. What's more, they're mostly responsible for the majority of artists digital royalties these days. Quite a monopoly right? Yet, that still didn't seem to deter the gutsy Taylor, who wrote a letter through her Tumblr page addressing Apple's 'shocking' practices regarding low paid commissions. Remarkably, Apple immediately changed their policy. Taylor 1- Apple 0

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