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The Richest Record Deals of All Time
These figures are ridiculous!

One Direction Debut Solo Singles Ranked From Best To Worst
After Liam Payne released his solo track, Strip That Down, we've ranked the boys' debut solo offerings from best to worst.

John Legend Performs At London Train Station, Wows Commuters
The soul star stopped off in London to give an impromptu a train station.

13 Incredibly Influential Music Acts You've Likely Never Heard Of
These artists have inspired & influenced many but never quite hit mainstream success themselves.

10 of The Greatest Grunge Bands of All Time!
The best bands from the best genre of music!

10 Of The Most Succesful Boy Bands of All Time
With pretty looks and sweet harmonies, a successful boy band can often be a record label's dream.

8 Artists Who Released Anti-Trump Protest Songs
On the day of his inauguration, we look at the bands who really don't like Donald.

10 Musicians Who Fooled Us About Their Pasts
These artists weren't being entirely truthful.

10 Singers Who Went Solo And Never Looked Back
Going it alone isn't always wise, but these 10 stars proved otherwise.

Going To Concerts Makes You Happier
Anyone who has seen Queen Bey live already knows this.

A Look At The 12 Acts On The Mercury Prize Shortlist
The biggest award in the British Music Industry has just announced its 12 act shortlist & we look at the albums that are in the running.

15 Famous People in Pretty Cool Bands
These pretty cool bands have some big names, known outside of music, in them.

10 90s Music Superstars - Then & Now
See how your favourite hit makers from the best decade ever have fared.

8 Songs Prince Wrote But Didn't Sing
Not only did he perform some classics but he wrote them for others as well

10 Musicians That Could Be Novelists
Have they ever thought of turning to another art form?

10 Musicians That Cracked Every Country Except America
They're beloved the world over... except the home of music's biggest market.

20 Reasons Why Taylor Swift Rocks
Taylor Swift isn't even 30, but her achievements in the last decade would put most of us mere mortals to shame.
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