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The Most Popular Beers In Each Nation

Beer is among the most widely consumed beverages in the world, so it should come as little surprise that Vinepair recently released a unique map of the world according to beer consumption. Featuring most internationally recognised nations, the variety of beer on display is quite staggering, and shows the most widely consumed beer in each country.

Beer World Map Click to enlarge

However, while an indicator of popularity, the map fails to highlight the different tastes people in the various countries hold. It is also surprising to note that only a handful of multinational conglomerates are the owners of almost all of the brands shown. Instead, it appears as though most beers on the map are regular lagers that could be available just about anywhere. Very few, it suggests, are of a local variety unique to that region. 

Belgium, one of the world's brewing hotspots has Jupiter as its most common beer. But England is the place to be if you want some ale... you'd think. Though, according to this map, most Englishmen prefer Heineken! 

More surprisingly, the list also features some non-alcoholic beers. Though this is mostly prevalent in countries where the consumption of alcohol is prohibited. 

Tellingly, some beers did bring out the peculiar characteristics of each nation. Iceland prefers a brew called Viking, Denmark drinks Tuborg, while the Irish, of course, indulge in Guinness. The highly rated larger Tusker rules in Kenya and its neighbouring borders.

Corona topped the beer charts of home country Mexico, Tiger rules in Malaysia, while Canadians opt for American with Budweiser.

In sum, this map is a priceless addition to your travelling plans. So no more deliberating over a confusing alcohol menu! It's time to get drinking!

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