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Striking Photos of Natural Disasters

Earth is entrenched in beauty, and it's up to humans to preserve it. But sometimes, even our efforts aren't enough to stop nature's darker side. And whether it's the ferocious winds from tornado's, or the crippling and shattering waves from tsunamis, natural disasters are often deadly. Here, we take a look at an array of stunning and powerful images of natural disasters caught bravely on camera.

 Volcanic Eruptions

Some of the deadliest natural disasters in history have been attributed to the intense vexation of a spilling volcano. And though they may look pleasant, the lava inside these deadly containers can reach over 1,250 degrees Celsius! However, deaths from eruptions are rare, and there are only seven active lava lakes in the world. Yet, as recently as 1985, an eruption in Ruiz, Columbia, was responsible for around 25,000 deaths as deadly mudflow swept into the town as the remarkable picture above shows. Volcanic eruptions are, however, not solely limited to dry land. Rather, underwater vents within the oceans account for over 75% of the annual magma output.   

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