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You Won't Believe These Women Exist

People with genetic disorders were once the preserve of freak shows and mass ridicule. Thousands would gather to witness what circuses would describe as 'a spectacle.' Worse, many would be seen as cursed, and more often than not, thrown away in mental asylums or at best, left to fend for themselves. Yet even today, with the advent of modern-day medicine and social attitudes towards the disabled shifting, there are some cases of genetic deformities that are so extreme, we scarcely believe these people are real. In many ways, seeing these conditions puts things into perspective, and makes us grateful for our health.

Here are some of the most extreme examples.

1. The Spider Twins 

Ganga and Jamuna Mondal are famous in their homeland of India. The conjoined twins, who adjoin at the abdomen and pelvis, earn $37 a night travelling with the "Dreamland Circus" in India and paying visitors to the circus are encouraged to sit with them in a single tent. They are married to the same man, the carnival worker Gadadhar, pictured below.

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