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Best And Worst Airlines For Delays

Have some urgent business in another city? Can't afford any more delays in transit? Fed up with those complimentary overnight coupons from delay-ridden airline companies? 

Well, to help you poor souls, The Bureau of Transportation compiled and published some numbers for the past year regarding the arrival and departure performances of all the major airlines'. 

The Bureau of Transportation defines “on-time percentage” as that proportion of flights that arrived within 15 minutes of their scheduled times.


1. Hawaiian


Hawaiian was shown to be the best airline with an on-time frequency of 93%. They were the only airline to cross the 90% mark. Still, their impressive performance is boosted by the fact that they operate only a limited number of routes, most of which are not prone to storms and thunder.

2. Alaska

Alaska came in second with an on-time score of 87.25%. This is a credit to an airline that has consistently ranked among the best in the country. It was also ranked second the year before and shows no signs of letting up.

3. Delta


The Skyteam founders from Atalanta came in at a respectable third. They had an on-time percentage of 83.16%. This ranking is a testament to Delta's reliability that it has shown consistently for quite some time now.

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