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5 Tips On How To Lose Weight Painlessly

Summer's finally here, and with it comes bikini season. If you haven't started yet, now's the time to start making some changes to your lifestyle so you can look and feel amazing in your stylish new swimsuit. However, as we all know, that's easier said than done. It can be a challenge to stick to a diet or workout plan that leaves you feeling the need to chow down on some pizza or ice cream. But, losing weight doesn't have to be a painful process at all. In fact, here are a few tips on how to lose weight painlessly:

1. Add Foods, Don't Subtract

1. Add Foods, Don't Subtract

One thing that's so hard about dieting is that it's so focused on the foods that you're not eating instead of the ones that you are. For a smoother experience watching what you eat, try adding healthy –and tasty– foods to your diet instead of subtracting unhealthy ones. Some great examples are juicy grapes, crunchy snow peas, and deep-red cherries. Adding foods that taste good and are good for you has been shown to work much better than trying to control the amount of unhealthy food you eat, but do remember to keep an eye on the overall amount of calories you're eating.

2. Stop 'Working Out'

Stop 'Working Out'

This tip is for those people who absolutely cannot stand exercise or working out. If just the word 'exercise' causes frustration, there's no point spending large amounts of your mental energy forcing yourself to go to the gym. A much better plan is to stop 'working out' and substitute it with activities that you enjoy and feel invigorated doing. After all, you can burn calories just as well from swimming, hiking, playing Frisbee, or even enjoying some great sex as you can from working out. And this way, because you'll actually enjoy what you're doing, it will be easier to spend more time doing these activities.

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