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5 of the Most Terrible Places on Earth

Our world has been built on history. Our entire society relies on history to validate its existence up until now and to give meaning to every little detail that might be considered strange by other people who live in different places. History is, thus, the precursor to everything. But what happens when we turn to the grim parts of history? What happens when we take an interest in the murders, the suicides and the anomalies and strange phenomena relating to a certain place on Earth? We make this top 5 and then we go under the blankets to be safe, of course!

5. The catacombs underneath Paris

The catacombs underneath Paris

These famous catacombs are only partly open to the public and they stretch out underneath Paris for 187 kilometers. They roam under the whole city and their walls are ornate with skulls and bones. While these tunnels were mainly used as escape routes for important people of Paris, they hold dark secrets of torture buried in their walls.

4. Mary King's close in Edinburgh

 Mary King's close in Edinburgh

In the medieval Old Town in Edinburgh, Mary King's close refers to a system of streets on which during the plague of the 17th century, victims were left to die and rot, something like a quarantine zone. The place is rumored to be filled with poltergeists and people who visit it often report being touched on their arms and legs by seemingly thin air.

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