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10 of The Hottest Celebrity Selfies

We all like to show off from time to time and sometimes social media is the best platform for this with pics of a nice holiday or a new, expensive toy but what if you're a young, successful, beautiful celebrity with a team of personal trainers and all the money in the world. Well then, you take sexy selfies in order to flaunt your hot bod and here we document 10 of the best.

1. Kim Kardashian

Kim has made a career out of revealing herself, after all, it was a leaked sex tape that brought her to public attention. Now she capitalizes on her looks with her nude photo shoots in an attempt to 'break the internet' and topless shots alongside models garnering a lot of attention. Some have labelled her a feminist icon in control of her body whilst others see her as the death of culture and a poor example for young women. Whatever your opinion, you can see most of her revealing pics on her Instagram. This one was of her post-baby body.

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