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25 Long-term Celebrity Couples Who Remain Deeply In Love

When it comes to love, most of us dream of that fairytale ending. An ending complete with a white wedding as our partner rests in our arms, knowing full well as you look into their eyes that everything worked out just the way it should have. Then again, such a scenario sounds more like something out of a wishy-washy Nicholas Sparks movie. I mean, in the age of Tinder, can we expect true love to shine through the clustered clouds of pouty profile pictures?

Well, we're still not sure about that. What we are certain of, however. is the love these celebrity couples hold dear. Sure, they may not have been raised on Tinder, but they sure had their fair share of distractions. After all, when you're hot in Hollywood, you've no shortage of admirers...

But then again, you only need the love of one to feel truly wanted and accepted. Here are 25 celebrity marriages which have stood the test of time.

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