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10 Celebrities Who Could Pass For Victoria's Secret Models

Their talents are other-worldly, and if things couldn't get any better, they also happen to look like Victoria's Secret models. Yes, we're talking about celebrities blessed with everything; talents, good looks, charisma, confidence.

You name it, and they probably possess it, so with that annoying reality in mind (life really isn't fair, is it?) we've come up with 10 smoking hot female celebrities who we think could easily have got a casting with Victoria's Secret had their respective careers not worked out.

Landmark Media/Shutterstock

1. Rihanna

With unwavering self-confidence, Amazonian legs, awe-inspiring sassiness and flawless, radiant skin, Rih Rih has it all in the looks department and typifies what sex appeal is all about.

She's also ridiculously talented and she's proven this by singing her way to the top of the charts, while her appearance on the runway at the 2012 Victoria's Secret fashion show proved that if she never made it as a singer, she would have definitely had a lucrative career in fashion modelling. 

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