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33 Dresses That Were Gorgeous, Shocking & Scandolous

Celebrities quite often have the best fashion designers at their disposal for balls, events, openings and screenings and being amongst the most glamorous people in the world, they quite often have people lining up to dress them. Some, however, go out of their way to rise above the rest and gain the most attention whilst others stumble upon it or just do it naturally. Here we document the dresses that have shocked, scandalized or just looked amazing.

1. Theda Bara - Cleopatra, 1917

One of Hollywood's first sex symbols, Theda Bara was known for her racy roles and her starring part in the 1917 film Cleopatra  saw her don an amazing range of dresses and attire that included scenes where she was very scantily clad. One such get-up was a brassiere made of metallic coiled snakes and a thin strap and little else, in this day and age of bikinis and sheer dresses, it's perhaps not so scandalous but at the time it caused outrage. So shocked were the general public that many of the original prints of the film have now been destroyed.

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