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8 Celebrities Who Are Fighting Back Against Fat Shaming

As we all know, Hollywood is a truly shallow place. Looks are everything – despite the fact that they shouldn't be. But with the advent of social media, ordinary individuals also have the chance to toss in their two pennies- and the outcomes can be truly cold blooded. While some superstars can't take this sort of feedback and wind up accommodating, there are others out there who have courageously fought back against the abhorrent fat shaming.

Here are 8 examples:

8. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

At one stage of Kim Kardashian's pregnancy, she experienced a barrage of unsavory reports about her weight. But rather than let the press get her down, Kardashian explained that it helped her in losing the baby weight. "The haters helped motivate me," she said. "Seeing each insane thing expounded on me gave me inspiration, yet it's simply my identity to need to be fit, not is lazy."

But when the criticism continued she battled back on Instagram. "Ridiculing me pregnant & ridiculing I attempting to get fit now disgrace on you. I'm not perfect, but rather I will never adjust to your thin principles too bad! Not me. Also, BTW I've lost a considerable measure so far & I'm glad for that!" Her sister, Khloe, also weighed in on the fat-shaming culture among young women. "I think that it irritating that society loves to scrutinize a lady's shape. That is low all by itself; however I can't endure one more horrible assault on my sister!"

7. Kate Winslet


The press has constantly kept close tabs on Kate Winslet's weight, presumably because she's never succumbed to being the super thin starlet. While most ladies may battle with the consistent examination, this Oscar-winning performing artist doesn't. She doesn't get why celebrity women should be super thin. She'd rather be solid, which is the reason she doesn't inconvenience herself by stressing over her weight any longer. "When I began having children six years prior, my body subsided into itself. Also, I imagine that happens for most ladies when they have children. Your hormones truly settle down. So I've stayed at the same weight for some time now. I simply don't stress over my weight any longer. I see it, on the off chance that I've delighted in a Christmas excursion, and I've had an excess of glasses of Champagne or an excess of canapes. However, I don't abstain from anything, and I'm not a devotee. I feel that is a hopeless, ghastly approach to carry on with your life," she told Good Housekeeping.

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