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The 10 Highest Earning Actors

2014 was a windfall year for movies. Multiple movies crossed the $1 billion mark. Superhero movies were at the forefront of this wave and the actors were handsomely rewarded for their efforts. Forbes magazine compiled this list of the highest earning male actors of last year.

10. Mark Wahlberg ($32m)

Mark Wahlberg Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg has had a rather silent 2015 with just one major release. Lone Survivor did well without working any miracles at the box office. He also has his income from TV show Entourage to thank for a hefty inflow to his bank account.

9. Will Smith ($32m)

Will Smith Will Smith

2014 has been rather quiet for mega-star Will Smith. After Earth was only moderately successful at the box office. Despite that, Will Smith remains one of the bankable names in Hollywood with a few more sure-fire hits in the pipelines.

8. Christian Bale ($35m)

Christian Bale Christian Bale

Fresh off the back of the last of his legendary The Dark Knight trilogy, Christian Bale managed to keep fans satisfied with his latest offerings. American Hustle was a hit with the critics and the box office and Exodus didn't do badly as well.

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