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15 Hollywood Couples You Never Knew Were Married
Did You Know These Stars Had Tied The Knot?

16 Things You Never Knew About Bill Gates
How much do you know about the world's richest man?

Happy Days Cast: Where Are They Now?
Where are the cast of one of the 80smost popular TV shows?

10 Musicians Who Fooled Us About Their Pasts
These artists weren't being entirely truthful.

Whatever Happened To Denise Richards?
The life and career of the actress and fashion model.

10 Movie Sequels You Didn't Know They Were Making
From those that sound good to ones that'll make you wonder why they thought another would be a good idea.

The 20 Richest Supermodels In The World
It's tough work being rich and beautiful but somehow these ladies manage it.

33 Dresses That Were Gorgeous, Shocking & Scandolous
Dresses that shocked and scandalized and some that just looked downright great.

25 Adorable Celebrity Prom Photos
In the hectic lives of the rich, famous and beautiful you might wonder where they find the time to do normal people things, but they we...

The 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces
Sometimes relationships don't work out and the heartache can be awful but it can also cause financial pain as well.

Celebrities Who Have Aged the Worst
Celebrities are not immune. But some age worse than others.

12 Celebs Who Went From Hot To Heavy
As we all know, being fashionable takes more than just having the right clothes, you also need to have a healthy weight and figure.

The 10 Highest Earning Actors
2014 was a windfall year for movies.

5 Surprising Descendants Of Legendary Celebrities
Here is the selection of the suprising descendants of legendary celebrities.

8 Celebrities Who Are Fighting Back Against Fat Shaming
As we all know, Hollywood is a truly shallow place.

Celebrities You Had No Idea Were Bisexual
Here is an excellent selection of the celebrities you probably had no idea were bisexual.

Celebrities That Are Best Friends
Even celebrities need a shoulder to lean on.

Celebrities Who Overcame Infertility Struggles
Often we think that celebrities are exempt from the everyday struggles and problems that plague the rest of us.

10 Best Celebrity Hair Transformations of 2015
Even though we haven't even made it halfway through 2015, that doesn't mean that some celebrities haven't made some amazing (and not so...

20 Celebrity Couples You Might Have Forgotten Were an Item
Check out the celebrity couples you might have forgotten were an item.

7 Celebrities Who Left Hollywood For 'Regular' Jobs
Even though most people have dreamt about becoming famous at one time or another, it doesn’t mean that everyone in Hollywood is s...
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