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How Robert Pattinson Escaped From Edward Cullen

With millions of dollars in the bank after appearing in the global phenomenon 'Twilight', many dismissed the hype surrounding the British actor as nothing more than a fad. After all, how could the actor possibly top the enormous success of such a global franchise? Five films which smashed box office records and drove teenagers into frenzied states of hysteria that were more akin to scenes at pop concerts than movie theatres.

Well, it appeared as if Pattinson and his team of super agents had the answer: Choose roles as far apart from the teenage genre as possible. 


In due course, decisions to star in David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis and other independent flicks such as Bella Ami and The Rover appeared to pay off. Not financially- both were never expected to succeed commercially. What the films did was give Pattinson an audition in proving his versatility, and that he did, winning much praise from industry commentators.

Fast forward to 2017 and the now seasoned Hollywood actor is still very much a star, with more than just a lucrative Dior modelling contract to his name. In fact, Pattinson's name is almost synonymous with every indie project going, with roles in the upcoming Harmony Korine film The Trap just one of many to be released this year. Not that Pattinson has given up on the studio system entirely. 

He's a box-office draw as well as a good actor, and roles alongside Charlie Hunnam in The Lost City of Z and with respected actors such as Guy Pearce and Julianne Moore in 2015's The Rover and Maps to The Stars even yielded talk of possible Oscar nods.

All that being said, the actor, who started acting at 15 so he could have a better chance at talking to girls, is far from the finished article, and the commercial success enjoyed by the likes of Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio in single project movies is far from a reality for Pattinson. But as far as young actors go (he's still only 31) the flame-haired star has certainly cemented himself as an A-list name, something his Twilight co-star Taylor Lautner failed to manage.

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Kirsten Stewart, on the other hand, appears to be firmly ahead in the race for having the most successful acting career post-Twilight, with roles in the critically lauded Personal Shopper cementing her acting credentials. Aside from perhaps Jennifer Lawrence, there's a strong case for Stewart being the most in-demand actress in Hollywood.

Going back to Robert Pattinson's career, however, which has also been the focus of much gossip over the years because of his failed romance with Kirstin Stewart, the 31-year-old has certainly proved many doubters wrong. And though he may not be in Leo's territory, or Stewart's, for that matter, he has certainly had more success than Zac Efron, another heartthrob who has all but destroyed his artistic integrity after only seeing dollar signs in films like Bad Grandpa and Baywatch.

Pattinson, it seems, isn't your average heartthrob. Who said vampires suck?



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