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10 Awkward Celebrity Interviews That Are Difficult To Watch!

When you're interviewing a celebrity, there's often two key things that every reporter remembers: 1) Always be professional and 2) Never ask them anything about their personal life. But as is often the case with intrepid reporters, they can't help but go against such conventions.


With that in mind. here are 10 celebrity interviews that proved so awkward many continue to watch them.

1. Tom Hardy responds to a reporter's question about his sexuality

Asking a high-profile celebrity about their dating life is never going to go down well, but one LGBT news reporter went a step further by inquiring if the happily married actor was bisexual due to, in the words of the writer, remaining 'ambiguous' about his sexual orientation! It's safe to say that Tom wasn't exactly impressed.


2. Robert Downey Jr cuts an interview short 

Krishnan Guru-Murthy is a British journalist you'll be reading a lot more of in this article. In this case, Krishnan angered the beloved Hollywood actor Robert Downey Jr when he brought up some rather unsavoury moments from his past, which included a one-year stint in prison following years of substance abuse. Caught off-guard, Downey Jr cut the interview short before labelling the hack a  "shmuck." Ouch! 


3. Ryan Seacrest annoys Robert Pattinson's publicist

When the wildly successful vampire saga books 'Twilight' got given the Hollywood treatment, it spawned a frenzy of die-hard fans, who soon became known as 'Twihards'. As a result of such hardcore fandom, the franchises' leading star became the most famous man alive and with that came thousands of interviews. But when you get an interview with Ryan Seacrest, you'd think there would be little interference. After all, the man is arguably as famous as the people he interviews. Still,  Robert Pattinson's publicist didn't seem too bothered about his reputation after she cut the interview short when he asked the British actor about his relationship with his co-star Kristen Stewart.


4.  Sir Ben Kingsley sneers at his interviewer's persona 

Okay, sometimes the interviewer doesn't have to ask anything intrusive at all; they just have to be themselves to make things awkward. That's what happened to this overzealous British journalist Poppy Jamie, who Ben Kingsley couldn't help but sneer at after she admitted to having four croissants for breakfast. "Are you sure they didn't have drugs in them?" Kingsley then asked. Pretty rude, huh? 


5.  Samuel L. Jackson had to remind an American news anchor that he wasn't Lawrence Fishburne 

While Samuel L. Jackson has starred in many great movies, one could argue he is now equally known for the trainwreck interview he did with KTLA entertainment reporter Sam Rubin. Rubin, who mixed up the identities of Samuel L. Jackson and Lawrence Fishburne left Jackson bewildered, especially when one considers that he was their chief entertainment reporter. Such irony and stupidity led the actor to retort,  "There must be a short line for your job."


6. A sarcastic Jessie Eisenberg didn't take too kindly to his interviewer, Romina Puga

Jessie Eisenberg has fast gained a reputation for being an awkward interview, a truism Romina Puga probably wasn't then aware of when she interviewed a sarcastic and rather impatient Eisenberg.


7. This time, Krishnan Guru-Murthy pushed filmmaker Quentin Tarantino's buttons

This guy seems to have only one motive when he interviews big stars: get them antagonised enough until they get included in an article entitled 'Awkward Celebrity Interviews.'


8. Cara Delevigne wasn't in the best of moods when being interviewed by CBS Sacremto one morning

Cara Delevigne is usually brazen and bubbly in interviews. But in this case, CBS found that they had a rather different Cara on their hands.....


9. "You ain't got the answers, Sway" 

Kanye West making things awkward is nothing new and we at The Celebrity Lane could write a whole article about his tangents. For now, however, we'll include this radio interview he did with the American DJ, Sway, who according to Kanye, didn't "have the answers."


10.  Taylor Swift was left stunned when an Entertainment Tonight reporter asked her if she would be going home with any men

Seasoned Entertainment Tonight reporter Nancy O'Dell was so impressed with Taylor's emerald dress she thought she'd let the songstress know, "I'm sure you're going to walk home with maybe more than just a trophy tonight, I think lots of men," she said. Awkward... 

In fact, It was so uncomfortable that her co-reporter swiftly (see what we did there?) changed the subject by praising Swift's 'female empowerment' ideals.

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