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11 Bizarre Superhero Casting Decisions That Very Nearly Happened
To think these people were nearly superheroes!

Tom Hardy To Star In Venom Movie
British actor to take on iconic comic book role again!

15 Musician Cameos In Hollywood Films!
From rock star to the silver screen!

How Robert Pattinson Escaped From Edward Cullen
Robert Pattinson has ditched his heartthrob image in favour of more critical-friendly roles, and it's a risk that's paid off.

How Superheroes Are Ruining Hollywood!
Stop trying to save the day!

10 of The Most Stylish Sci- Fi Films Ever Made
Science Fiction has always led the way in style!

10 Films Everyone Lies About Watching
Have you seen these movies? We don't believe you!

10 Movie Projects That Are Stuck In Development Hell
There are some great projects on this list.

15 Controversial Castings That Turned Out Great
When you think an actor is awful for the role but they smash it out of the park!

10 Mind Expanding Films That Will Take You To A Different Plane o...
These films will help you see things you've never seen before.

16 Actors Who Made Serious Cash From Playing One Character
Just one life-changing role can make you a multimillionaire.

10 Iconic Film Locations You Can Actually Visit
You may have seen them in the movies but you can visit them in real life.

15 Movie Mistakes That Were Purposely Left In The Final Film
Sometimes the mistakes are better than what was planned.

15 Classic Cartoons That Should Be ReBooted
These awesome animated shows need another crack at glory.

The 10 Films Everyone Is Talking About From CinemaCon 2017
One of Hollywoods biggest events, here are the pictures that have got everyone's tongues wagging.

10 Popular Actors That Critics Can't Stand
It seems these actors will never get close to an Academy Award- let alone get nominated for one.

10 of The Most Kickass Women Ever On TV
These women know how to pack a punch!

The 7 Most Expensive TV Shows Ever Made
Making TV costs a lot of money!

15 Video Game To Film Adaptations That Changed Too Much
If you're going to adapt something you should at least keep the essence of the original.

10 New Netflix Shows Everyone Should Watch For 2017
Some of these shows could be the next big thing.

15 Gritty Reboots That Completely Missed The Mark
Making something darker & grittier doesn't instantly make it better.
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