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The 15 Deadliest Films Ever Made by On-Screen Body Count

In the world of Hollywood, we know that two things sell, sex and violence. Now, we know that they can't do too much with the first of these without delving into an area that is considered too lewd and explicit but there is a heck load of super violent, gruesome and gory movies because we, the viewers, absolutely lap that up. However, have you ever wondered which are the deadliest by body count?

We had to give ourselves strict rules for this list as all the deaths have to be seen on-screen, otherwise, we'd be speculating on population sizes of whole planets from sci-fi films or battle participants in whole wars that are mentioned. Only the physically visible kills and dead bodies count, while hypothetical, implied, and off-screen deaths don’t. With that in mind, here are the deadliest films ever made.

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