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10 Celebrities Who Could Help Recommend You A Good Book
Are you in dire need of some literary recommendations? Then let these 10 celebrities help you out.

10 Celebrities Who Ran Away From Home
These runaways went on to extraordinary success.

15 Celebrities Who Overcame Adversity To Get To Where They Are
For many stars, the road to success has been far more straightforward.

10 Famous People With Surprising Hidden Talents
They're talents go beyond what we know.

16 Things You Never Knew About Bill Gates
How much do you know about the world's richest man?

The 15 Deadliest Films Ever Made by On-Screen Body Count
Some surprising titles in this gory list.

10 Celebrities Who Didn't Have It Easy In Their 20s
Most people's 20s are a time of transition and understanding and these 10 celebrities were no exception to that normality.

Stars of the 80s: Then & Now
How the biggest stars of the 80s were then and how they are now!

10 Things You Never Knew About Gene Wilder
10 facts about the beloved comedy actor that will blow your mind.

10 Sports Stars Who Appeared On The Silver Screen
Sports stars who cropped up in movies.

Celebrities Who Have Been Friends Since Childhood
When childhood friends become fellow superstars.

15 Celebrities Who You Think Are American But Are Actually Canadian
They may sound like many other Americans, but these 15 stars are actually Canadian.

15 Celebrities Who Suffer From Stage Fright
You'd think Hollywood's finest would be immune to nerves but that isn't always the case.

10 Hollywood Superstars You Never Knew Were German
Who Would've Guessed These Actors Have Geran Roots?

The Haunting Last Tweets of Celebs Before They Passed
The public musings of stars shortly before they passed.

10 Down-And-Out Celebrities Who Are Still Fabulously Wealthy
Their careers in Hollywood may now be non-existent, but at least they can wipe their tears with banknotes.

10 Celebrities Who Found Fame Online
It appears the internet is overtaking Hollywood as the new star-making factory.

10 Celebrities Who Lost Their Cool On Camera
There's no business like show business.

10 Celebrities Who Killed People
No matter how rich or famous you are, tragedy is never far away.

10 Shocking Moments Caught On Live Television
Moments of controversy caught on camera and broadcast to the world.

17 Stars Who Used To Be Homeless
They may be living in the Beverley Hills now but these stars started from the bottom.

15 Movie Myths That Are Absolutely False!
We all know these common film tropes and many of us believe them true but here we are to debunk some of these.
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