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11 Male Celebrities Who Are Always Well-Dressed

Love them or loathe them, celebrities have a canny knack of always looking good, and we can't help but be a tad envious of their prepossessing appearances. But with stylists at their beckon call and bank accounts that only ever grow, they already have an unfair advantage. They can be told what looks good and what doesn't and best of all they can afford all the clothes they want.

But that doesn't mean they always they get it right- especially men. Yes, unlike their female counterparts, male celebrities have a tendency to dress atrociously and are more than happy to commit heinous fashion crimes in the knowledge that their personality can make them exempt from anything- even Ugg boots.

But we won't dwell on such perpetrators. Instead, we at The Celebrity Lane have profiled 11 male celebrities who always look good in whatever outfit they wear. 

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