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10 Celebrities with Ridiculously High IQs


When you're rich, famous and good-looking, who needs an education? After all, making it in Hollywood doesn't require a College degree, which means it's highly unlikely you'll spot Justin Bieber or Harry Styles in your lecture on post-colonial history.

However, some performers haven't let fame and wealth deter them from learning. A few even possess IQ's that could gain them direct entry into Mensa. Yes, life is unfair, and for these celebrities, not only can they boast unimaginable wealth and fame, but they're also incredibly intelligent.

Of course, IQs are not easy to measure but in general, anyone scoring above 110 is deemed to be of above average intelligence. So, if you already suffer bouts of envy from the lives of the rich and famous, then look away now, as they're probably smarter than you as well. Here are ten examples.

Natalie Portman- 140 

A-list star Natalie Portman isn't your average Hollywood celebrity. In fact, unlike many child actors, Portman excelled in school and even skipped the after parties of movie premiers to revise for her exams. However, such dedication didn't go unnoticed by large swathes of the media. Still, that didn't seem to bother the actress, who told one reporter,  "I don't care if [college] ruins my career, and I'd rather be smart than a movie star."

 Unsurprisingly, Portman's willingness to learn gained her a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Harvard University. If that wasn't impressive enough, the Oscar-winning actress speaks five different languages, has been published in scientific journals and still attends graduate classes at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Wow!

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