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10 Stars Who Died Or Were Severely Injured Whilst Filming


Hollywood is just make believe, where billions of dollars are poured into absurd story lines with amazing special effects to make it seem more realistic. It is called suspension of disbelief and you need it to really accept what is going on on-screen but sometimes filming them can become all too real.

Some actors have even put their lives on the line when trying to create their art and sadly some have lost theirs. Here we look at a few that were caused injury or lost their lives whilst on set.

1. Halle Berry

The Oscar winner and former Catwoman had her arm broken by Ironman himself when Robert Downey Jr grabbed her arm during the filming for the 2003 thriller Gothika. It was an awful film and didn't deserve that much commitment from Berry but still.

Image: Tinseltown/

As Downey Jr had her arm, she tried to jerk away from him with too much force and didn't realize how tight his grip was. She broke her ulna in her forearm and apparently Downey Jr could hear the snap.

2. Vic Morrow

The Twilight Zone was quite a trippy experience for viewers, and when it came to filming the movie, producers must have thought a similar thing because of the sheer gruesomeness of the tragedy involving the actor Vic Morrow and two children.


Recording a scene that involved going back in time to the Vietnam War, a series of explosions were arranged by the director. Sadly, one connected with a low-flying helicopter, causing it to decapitate Morrow and one of the children; while the other was crushed.

3. Bruce Lee

Whilst dubbing his film Enter The Dragon,  Lee suffered from intense migraines and seizures before collapsing. He was rushed to hospital as diagnosed with cerebral edema and swelling of the brain.

Image: Lexinatrix/

An allergic reaction to a painkiller had caused the swelling and, although doctors were able to treat hi at the time, Lee died two months later.

4. Brandon Lee

Bruce Lee's son Brandon also went into acting and also sadly passed from injuries caused on set. Whilst filming gothic thriller The Crow, a real gun was used rather than a dummy one with the idea behind it being that it was altered so that the firing mechanism never pushed the bullet out.

Image: Elizabeth Rios/

This feature failed and Lee was shot in the abdomen. He was rushed to hospital but after six hours in surgery, he passed away.

5. Channing Tatum

Everyone's favorite former stripper, Channing Tatum found himself rushed to hospital during the filming of The Eagle due to some crew negligence. Tasked with wading through icy cold waters in a wetsuit, between takes crew members were told to pour a mixture of boiling and cool water down his suit to keep his temperature up but when they forgot to mix the water, Tatum was scolded and couldn't get the wetsuit off.

Image: Denis Makarenko/

He was rushed to a hospital where he found out some of the skin on his legs had been burned off and was treated with morphine. Fortunately for Tatum, he managed to recover.

6. John Ritter

The TV star played the much-beloved father figure in the comedy 8Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter but in 2003, he was rehearsing a scene for a show when he collapsed and was then rushed a medical center across from the studio where he was misdiagnosed with a heart attack.

Image: Everett Collection/

Actually suffering from aortic dissection, it was some time before the doctors realized their mistake and Ritter passed away during surgery.

7. Sylvester Stallone

When you're an action star you might expect to get a few scrapes and bruises but you probably don't expect to nearly die. Stallone was playing boxer Rocky Balboa in the fourth installment of the franchise and asked Dolph Lundgren to legitimately try and knock hi out to try and make it look as real as possible.

Image: Andrea Raffin/

Lundgren obliged and hit Stallone so hard in the chest, that the pericardial sac began to swell and apply pressure to Stallone's heart in a life threatening condition. Stallone was rushed to hospital and survived, managing to finish filming as well.

8. Jackie Chan

Another martial arts superstar who suffered from an action shot. Chan fell from a tree whilst filming Armored God and shattered his skull, with a piece of it going into his brain.

Image: Tinseltown/

He survived and suffered no brain damage but he does now have a hole in his head which is covered by a plastic plug.

9. Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron was almost left paralyzed when filming  Aeon Flux as she performed a backflip for a scene but landed on her neck. She herniated a disc in her vertebra and doctors were doubtful she would walk again.

Image: Denis Makarenko/

Fortunately, she managed to recover and finish shooting and no longer performs her own stunts.

10. Jim Caviezel

Caviezel had many injuries on the set of The Passion of the Christ including being struck by lightning twice whilst filming outside scenes.

Image: Image: Tinseltown/

He was also accidentally whipped and caught pneumonia from filming outside and later dislocated his shoulder from lugging that heavy wooden cross around.

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