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Famous Stars Who Left Their Partners For Someone Else Once They Made It Big

Fame and wealth can do funny things to your brain. You start believing your own hype, and if you happen to be a dude, the dating world often becomes a unique playground where the most beautiful women do the chasing instead so it's little wonder many famous men ditch their partners upon realising they can pretty much have whoever they want.

With that said, here are 10 famous men who left their partners shortly after their entertainment careers took off.

1. Morgan Freeman 

Morgan Freeman seems like a nice guy, but it was still cruel of him to leave his first wife Jeanette Bradshaw in 1979 shortly before he became an A-list star.

However, Morgan Freeman's ascent to Hollywood fame was a long one, and it wasn't until he was in his 40s that he started to become a household name, so we presume Freeman wanted to experience the bachelor Hollywood lifestyle before he became too old. 

2. Dwayne Wade

Basketball megastar Dwayne Wade is one of the NBA's main faces, and if you happen to be blessed with his athletic prowess, the fame and wealth it spawns can usually make you reevaluate you life and that's what Wade did when he split from his high school sweetheart and first wife Siohvaughn Funches shortly after making it as a pro.

Despite having to settle a $5m settlement package, which let's face it, is nothing for Wade, he soon moved onto the actress Gabriella Union, whom he has since married. 

Talking about her time with her first love, Siohvaughn revealed in a book that she felt forced to become an arrogant diva to fit into the NBA wives club and that players would often proposition her for sex.

3. Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is a funny dude but what he did to his first wife seems a bit douchey because not only did he leave her ass for a model once he hit the big time, he also doesn't shut up about how happy he is to have done so.

In fairness, judging by the photo of his squeeze at least, Kevin has good taste in women.

4. Swizz Beats 

The super producer seems like one those guys that will marry whoever happens to sell the most records because his dating history is one long list of singers.

First, he took Mashonda's hand in marriage when it appeared her career was going to rocket. But it didn't, so left her for none other than Alicia Keys, whom we can safely presume will be in vogue for a long time.

5. Lance Armstrong

Any woman who can put up with the egomaniac, cheat and bully for longer than a day while also being there for him through his cancer battle is worth their every weight in gold, but even that wasn't enough for an obnoxious Lance who divorced her in 2010 once pop star Sheryl Crow came on the scene.

Needless to say; she soon saw his darker side and called it quits.

6. Robin Williams

Everyone's favourite funny man is dearly missed, and his legacy will live on long for many generations, but even lovely people like Williams are prone to temptation, and he proved this when having an affair with his children's 20-year-old nanny.

What started out as an affair, however, soon turned into a pregnancy, leading Williams to divorce his first wife and marry the nanny instead.

7. Mo’Nique

After being married to a man named Mark Davis, Mo'Nique didn't just ditch leg razors, she also ditched him and has been in an open relationship with Sidney Hicks ever since.

However, the open relationship appears one-sided as while Sidney regularly sleeps with different women. Mo'Nique prefers not having sex with anyone else. Explaining why she accepts her husband's infidelity, she said, "“We've been best friends for over 25 years, and we truly know who we are.”

8. French Montana

Before fame came calling French Montana was a jobbing street rapper selling DVDs on the rough streets of Brooklyn, New York.

He also had a wife and kid too, but according to his ex-wife, once he achieved underground and subsequent mainstream approval, he left her and the child almost immediately.

9. Jennifer Hudson

Singing maestro Jennifer Hudson proved in the 2008 film Dreamgirls that Beyonce can be outsung which probably gave her enough of a superiority complex to dump her non-famous boyfriend from back home.

Upgrading, Hudson soon got serious with the wrestler and Harvard Law grad, David Otunga and has remained with him ever since.

10. Megan Fox

Megan Fox is still most guy's idea of heaven because she looks fantastic and somehow managed to make the first two Transformers films somewhat entertaining. That said, don't let Fox's other-worldly looks trick you into thinking she's an angel sent from above.

According to many reports, Fox reportedly left her first boyfriend- Seventh Heaven star David Gallagher- shortly after she started booking movie roles and hooked up with Austin Brian Green immediately after her first big break. 

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