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15 Movie Mistakes That Were Purposely Left In The Final Film

Mistakes happen, even in movies but a lot of the time we never get to see these as there are people who are paid to make sure they don't make it to screen even though some inevitably do.

However, sometimes an acting mistake or otherwise is noticed and is considered quite good, and so they are deliberately left in the film. Here we look at a few of those.

15. Django Unchained - Candie's Bloody Hand

As a sadistic plantation owner threatening to kill Django's wife, Leonardo DiCaprio's character Calvin Candie works himself up in a dramatic monolog that seems him angrily slamming his hand down on the table but having already filmed a few takes, DiCaprio refuses to break character when he breaks a real glass and has the shards embedded in his palm.

At one point he wipes blood on Kerry Washington's face, and the shock is real and not acting at all. The take was so good that they kept it in the film.

14. Guardians of The Galaxy - Star-Lord Drops The Infinity Stone

When bringing a powerful artifact to a man known as The Collector, Peter Quill akaStar-Lord, drops the object not knowing it is an Infinity Stone with the power to destroy planets. This plays out as a small comedic moment in the film where actor Chris Pratt instantly picks it up again and hands it over without breaking stride.


The thing is, this was a genuine mistake, but it is fortunate that it is in keeping with the character's goofy nature and the director liked it so much, he kept it in.

13. The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers - Aragorn Break's His Foot

In a scene where Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli find the burnt equipment of Merry and Pippin, they assume their friends are dead and so Aragorn kicks away an orc helmet and screams in anguish...except this is actually a scream of pain as actor Viggo Mortensen kicked the helmet so hard that he broke his foot.


He styled it out though and acted on, and it was so good that it was kept in.

12. Princess Bride - Westley Is Knocked Out

In a scene where the villainous Count Rugen captures Westley, he knocks him out by smacking him on the head with the butt of his sword. At the time of shooting this scene, no prop swords were available and rather than wait, actor Cary Elwes insisted that colleague Christopher Guest should just give him a light tap with the real sword. 


Unfortunately, Guest was a little too enthusiastic and did actually knock Elwes out, and he had to be taken to a hospital to get stitches. Nonetheless, it looked very realistic and was kept in the film.

11. Blade Runner - Shattered Elbow

In a scene where Pris tries to escape the J.F Sebastian actor Daryl Hannah slipped in an attempt to flee the fight and slammed her elbow into the very real glass of a car window. Not breaking character, Hannah kept acting until the end of the scene where it was discovered she had broken her elbow.


It was kept in for its realism, but it sure must have hurt.

10. Pulp Fiction - Dialogue Changes

Quentin Tarantino is known for being a stickler for detail and does not necessarily like improvisation on his films as the script is holy text. However, in the Pulp Fiction movie, there are scenes that cover the same events in a diner at the start and the end of the film.


However, the dialogue alters very slightly due to a mistake by the actors, but Tarantino chose to keep this in to illustrate it was a changing point of view.

9. The Wizard of Oz - Burns

In the iconic Wizard of Oz film, the Wicked Witch of The West arrives out of nowhere in a plume of red smoke, which was made possible by a trap door on the stage floor. When she leaves, however, the smoke leaks out of the trap door before she makes to go so why not reshoot the scene?


Well, there was a second attempt, but the actress’s cape became stuck in the trap door, the burst of fire that appears after the smoke heated up Hamilton’s make-up, which just so happened to contain copper and so caused sersecond-degreeegree burns. The scene was not shot again, and the first one was used.

8. The Usual Suspects - Fenster Farts

In a scene where the criminal characters are all in a line-up, Benecio Del Toro's character burst out laughing. This was actually a case of corpsing on screen as he was unable to contain his gas take after take and when it came to his turn to step up, he let slip again and the director was actually frustrated at this.


In the end, however, he kept this scene in as it worked better with the film.

7. Star Trek Beyond - Kirk's Black Eye

In Star Trek Beyond, there are quite a few fist fights and so a lot of the scrapes and bruises seen on screen thanks to the makeup department but Chris Pine sports a very real black eye from the fact that Idris Elba mistimed a punch and clocked him square in the face.

It worked for the rest of filming, so nothing was done to cover it.

6. Pineapple Express - Saul Silver's Headband

In the stoner comedy, James Franco's drug dealer character is lost in the woods and runs into a tree. The character ran into it a little too hard though, and required stitches but rather than trying to mask it in other was, the crew decided to just add a headband to the character's wardrobe.

Viewers thought nothing of it as the character was eccentric and it worked pretty well.

5. Foxcatcher - Mirror Smash

In the tense wrestling thriller, Channing Tatum's character becomes so frustrated with himself that he starts punching himself. However, Tatum didn't think this went far enough, and so he started slamming his head into a mirror.

Unfortunately for him, the mirror broke and sliced his forehead open, and he bleeds through the rest of the scene, but it was kept in for its intensity.

4. Apocalypse Now  - Mirror Punch

Filmed on on Martin Sheen’s 36th birthday, the actor was heavily intoxicated when shooting his character's breakdown and ended up punching a mirror which was completely unplanned. He ended up slicing his hand, but the nature of his drunken tantrum was too good to not go in the film.

As such, the director rescued what could have been a catastrophic moment in filming and turned it into an iconic on-screen moment.

3. Zoolander - "But Why Male Models?"

In the comedy lampooning fashion and modelling culture, Ben Stiller's character Derek Zoolander is an idiotic model who stumbles upon an evil plot to assassinate world leaders. However, when meeting an informant, he asks why male models would be involved and receives an answer. 


But then Stiller forgot his next line and just repeated his last one but this was in keeping with the foolishness of his character, and so it makes it into the film as the other actor's around him manage to roll with it.

2. Star Wars - Head Bump Storm Trooper

In the very first Star Wars film, a storm trooper runs through a door but bumps his head as he comes through. It's a small moment but adds some slight comic relief and was missed by a lot of fans the first time around.


However, George Lucas liked the mistake so much, he kept it in and in later editions even added in a sound effect to draw attention to it.

1. The Godfather - Broken Ribs

In a scene where Sonny discovers that his sister is being beaten by his brother-in-law, Carlo, he tracks him down, takes him outside and beats him up.

However, actor James Caan allegedly didn’t enjoy fellow performer Russo’s company onset and may have become a little overzealous when pretending to hurt him when this actually became reality.  In fact, the part where Caan uses a trash can lid to bash against Russo’s head was even improvised, and Gianni Russo ended up in hospital with broken ribs.

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