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15 Classic Cartoons That Should Be ReBooted

Reboots, remakes, and reimaginings are all the rage in TV and film now, and with the impressive cult followings of modern cartoons like Regular Show and Adventure Time, it’s hard not to think back to some of the classic cartoons that paved the way.

However, cartoons very often get undersold or widely ignored in this category and so we've decided to take a look at some classics that deserve a more modern lease on life.

15. Danny Phantom

Danny Fenton is a 14-year-old who acquires ghost-like powers when one of his parent’s inventions malfunctions and then uses these to battle ghosts coming into our world. Running between 2004 and 2007, it had a great intro, well written and developed characters and an interesting dynamic in which Danny's parents were professional ghost-catchers while he was half ghost.


It was actually a pretty intelligent show with some decent action sequences and a more modern reboot, perhaps with a grittier edge, could serve it well.

14. The Jetsons

The Jetsons were essentially The Flintstones but in a futuristic setting rather than a prehistoric one. Examining family dynamics but with included quirks of the chosen period and sci-fi aspects, it was a bit of fun. It had a 1960s view of what the future would look like and so when it was rebooted in 1985; it already looked dated despite being set in the future.


Perhaps a more modern view of what the world in the future would look like could be worth or shot, or even the kooky nostalgia of how people in the past viewed the future could be played upon further. Also, something with less latent sexism.

13. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Coming from quite dark and anarchic comic book origins, the turtles then jumped on-screen for a teen/pre-teen audience in a goofy but family friendly manner with weird sci-fi elements and 90s cultural references that seemed oh so cool at the time.

Sure TMNT currently exists on Nickelodeon but for a much younger audience than the one first intended. The films aren't great, but a grittier reboot that revisits some of the older, darker enemies would be really cool and add a fresh air to proceedings.

12. Digimon

A bit like Pokemon but in a digital setting, Digimon had many in-jokes about the digital age and was a much-loved series. New films are out now, but few have made their way stateside, and so much more could be done with the characters if they were given a full series rather than just a few films.

The advancing nature of digital technology could also be interesting as showing how the characters have adapted to this would be great food for thought.

11. The Flintstones

The Flintstones was the most profitable animated series for 30 years (up until the introduction of The Simpsons), and is instantly one of the most recognizable animated properties around.

A new art direction and new writing team could really make it of interest to a younger generation even if it would rankle with some traditionalists.

10. Peanuts

Peanuts is such a beloved property that an animated reboot would have been unthinkable just a few years ago, but that was before the film came out where the animation was somewhat different to the original style but still held onto all the core elements that made it popular in the first place. The Peanuts Movie was also nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature Film.

Taking these production values forward into a new series could bring a whole new life to Peanuts and bring Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and friends to a whole new generation outside of their constantly repeated holiday specials.

9. Pokemon Origins

Although the original Pokemon series continues to run and run and run in one form or another with the perennial lead Ash Ketchum, Pokemon Origins was a short series that involved a different main character called Red, who featured in the first video game.


It was refreshing to see a different lead and also to see the major events of the games covered but the series was too short to cover it all and was never developed further. Now, 0+ years down the line from the original game series and countless sequels and spin-offs offering up plenty of material, maybe it would be time to revisit this and start from the beginning again.

8. G.I. Joe

A pretty campy storyline added to the action figure mythos, it was about two warring factions that were forever at odds, but good always triumphed, and evil never prospered.


Tone down some of the kitsch and add an element of real peril or darkness and the intensity could be amped right up for something that could be quite interesting in the modern age.

7. The Adventures of The Galaxy Rangers

Galaxy Rangers was a western/sci-fi that ran from 1986 to 1989, it was insane and now incredibly dated but it was also super fun and widely praised.

Swashbuckling space pirates and cyborg horse riding cowboys that are genetically engineered themselves, it had a lot of room to make something super interesting out of and could be worth another go.

6. Death Note

A series following a teen who finds a notebook in which he can write anybody's name and then they die within a matter of seconds. It sounds simple enough, but then the teen befriends a specter of death and becomes involved in a cat and mouse game with a nameless detective trying to track him down and stop these murders.

Although rebooted in a live action format set in Seattle, it whitewashed most of the characters and out a distinctly Western bent on this classic Japanese anime, and it would be far more interesting if they kept those themes in place.

5. Rocket Power

A bunch of kids living out the dream of skateboarding through sunny California, competing in extreme sports competitions and meeting professionals. Nothing dark about that except for the complete lack of parental supervision which sees them able to just skate all day and when we do see a parent it is one who has suffered a breakdown after the death of a partner.


Perhaps a focus on these darker aspects could enliven the franchise for an older audience which is what its focus was originally as a show aimed at aging Rugrats viewers.

4. Teen Titans

The teen sidekicks of superheroes, Teen Titans was an angsty, edgier approach to the Justice League set up of a bunch of superheroes working together but also focusing more on the importance of friendship and relationships, etc.

With DC throwing their full force into its movie franchises, perhaps an animated feature reboot would be perfect right about now.

3. Codename: Kids Next Door

A bunch of kids must battle the tyranny of an all adult organization under the control of the mysterious 'Father' figure; the narrative was so simple it was ingenious as in, were they actually spies or was it all make believe.

It was a well crafted and clever show that deserves more credit than it gets and maybe a reboot would garner just that.

2. Masters of The Universe

A super buff man with the mystical powers bestowed upon him by his sword must defend the universe fro his arch-nemesis Skeletor. It was campy, quirky and oh, so good and many 20/30-somethings will remember this show with great fondness.

Playing down the camp elements and bringing back He-Man and the team can only be a good thing, and if some new ideas could be brought out of it, it could be genuinely inventive.

1. Thundercats

Another show from the 80s that dwelt upon camp, muscular heroism but this time in the form of cat/human hybrid creatures called the Thundercats. It was mad but in a good way and was actually rebooted in 2011. The thing is, no one knew it was rebooted so no one watched it.


Give it another go and actually bother marketing it, and you may see some great success with it.


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