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15 of the Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments Ever Caught On Camera

Technical problems unmasked Mariah Carey's lip-synching during her New Year's Eve performance in Times Square, but poor Mariah isn't the only celebrity to have been left red-faced in front of others. Many other stars have too, and unlike regular people; their epic fails are often captured on television or by hordes of camera phones and paparazzi lenses.

Here are 15 celebrities who, just like Mariah, assigned themselves to a lifetime's embarrassment.  

1. Madonna

Even one of the world's most iconic recording artist isn't immune to stage mishaps; a reality proved at 2016's Brit Awards in London, England.

Donning a cape that could quite easily have covered half of England, the songstress was supposed to have her cloak removed from one of her backup dancers, but it wasn't removed correctly and instead came crashing to the floor. 

2. Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson would always have to settle for second best once her brother and legendary late performer, Michael, hit the big time, but Janet Jackson's reputation strayed even further when she experienced one of Hollywood's most embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions.

Performing alongside Justin Timberlake at the prestigious Super Bowl halftime show, Justin accidentally yanked Janet's clothing, leaving one of her bejewelled nipples exposed.

3. Jennifer Lawrence

When J-Law won her first ever Academy Award; it was almost fitting that her goofy persona caused her to trip over the stairs! But hey, we loved the way J-Law handled the blushes, and how she doesn't ever take herself seriously.

When asked about what was going through her mind after the fall, Lawrence, who admittedly was donning a gown that was entirely unsuitable for any form of walking, let alone stair walking, said, " A bad word that I can't say, that starts with F." 

4. Harry Styles

Before One Direction hit the big time following the release of their debut album, Up All Night, the then five-member band performed at various nightclubs across the country and as this picture shows, things weren't always plain sailing- at least not for Harry.  

In the picture above, poor Hazza took a tumble (which would prove the first of many) while performing What Makes You Beautiful on stage at a London nightclub.

5. Katy Perry

Katy Perry is a powerhouse artist and with extraordinary fame comes a mindset bereft of inhibitions which might explain why she thought she could jump into a cake and be perfectly okay when performing at the Latin American Music Awards in 2008.

Of course, Perry missed the cake completely and crashed back down to earth in spectacularly awkward fashion.

6. Kanye West

Members of the paparazzi are unforgiving, and it isn't uncommon to hear words like 'vultures' and 'parasites' ascribed to them, words that were no doubt going through Kanye West's mind when he bumped his head into a sign soon after being hounded by them.

Ironically, the paps didn't record the moment it happened, but they did antagonise him enough to see him lose his cool in typical Kanye style.

7. David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff's public meltdown with his cheeseburger went viral almost as soon as his concerned daughter uploaded it and many speculated whether Hasselhoff was yet another example of someone clutching onto a career that had long faded.

Then again he is in the new Baywatch movie, which looks great....

8. Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande can seemingly do nothing wrong at the moment, but she was in danger of throwing her career away when she was caught on CCTV licking a doughnut and then putting it back before saying some rather controversial things about her motherland. 

Yes, despite being born and raised in America, Grande, who is also of Italian descent, was overheard whispering to her friend that she "hates Americans." Ever the charmer, Ariana! 

9. Robin Thicke 

It isn't always the fans that make things awkward- especially if the celebrity is a middle-aged man and the fan is a blonde bombshell.

Yes, the king of sleaze and the mastermind behind the controversial music video 'Blurred Lines' was caught out by a mirror and in 2014, Thicke's wife filed divorce, but we can't for the life of us work out why...

10. 50 Cent

He may have been shot 9 times, but that still isn't enough of an excuse to defend the gangster rapper from one of the worst first pitches ever recorded on live television.

In fact, it was so bad Fox Sports even entitled a video of a 105-year-old throwing the first pitch as '105-year-old throws better first pitch than 50 Cent ." Ouch...

11. Britney Spears

Poor old Britney had a lot to contend with when her fame reached its peak in the mid-2000s', so much so that she couldn't even get out of a car without cameras catching sight of her lady parts.

Partying with showbiz pals Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, Britney didn't exactly help herself by forgetting her underwear in the first place.

12. Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson was born with two famous acting parents in the form of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, so it's not surprising she managed to forge a successful film career at such a young age. With that in mind, you'd think her artsy mother would be totally okay with her daughter's steamy role in the movie adaptation of E.L. James's blockbuster story, 50 Shades of Grey.

Well, not quite. Instead, Griffith wasn't exactly keen to watch the film, a point she made clear to the interviewer, which only irritated Johnson more, and by the end, Dakota reverted to a teenage girl and barked, "Alright, you don't have to see it!"

Honestly, Melanie, anyone would think you were against seeing your daughter dominated by a sex-crazed billionaire!

13. Zac Efron

Premieres aren't always the best times to air your dirty laundry, as Dakota Johnson and her mother demonstrated, but Zac's red carpet blunder was an unfortunate accident that most of us couldn't help but laugh at the moment a distinguishable gold circled wrapper fell out of his pocket.

What made the condom's inadvertent appearance more awkward was the PG nature of the film Zac was promoting. Yes, The Lorax was a children's movie. Dear oh dear Zac....

14. Fergie

The 'London Town' hitmaker and member of the Black Eyed Peas drew unwanted attention to her pelvic region when on stage in 2005.

Performing with her Balck Eye Peas bandmates, the singer apparently couldn't contain her excitement and wet herself on stage. 

15. Justin Bieber 

Justin Bieber has done a lot to test the patience of his fans in recent years. He's spat on them, routinely refused to hug them and has even had the audacity to walk off stage after only 10 minutes during parts of his world tour.

Regardless of his mistakes, you have to feel sorry for the dude when he was performing in Arizona and had to vomit mid-way through his set. But hey, the fan's got a good view of his rear-end so we're sure they were more happy than concerned. 

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