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Why Do Female Celebs Have To Struggle Getting Out of Their Cars?

Celebrities tend to have a taste for high-end sports cars that have a turn of speed on them and are thus, quite low down. Getting in and out of these can, therefore, be a problem which acts as a hazard for these celebs as they try to maintain an air of glamor and sophistication getting in and out of their vehicles. 


But with the paparazzi lurking around every corner, you may be caught out and this can be an ever bigger problem for female stars wearing short skirts and other fashion items. As British model and actress Joanna Lumley points out in the video above, there is a way to do it properly but no one informed these stars. But should they have to? Here, we document stars who have had to struggle to get out of cars and ask why they have to be doing this?

1. Britney & Paris

Both Britney Spears and Paris Hilton have had trouble with the paparazzi photographing them in compromising positions as they have got out of cars, so as Britney tried to step out of Paris's ride, her driver reminds her to about the perils of being a famous woman in America. It shouldn't have to be like this but this is the world we live in.

Say what you like about Paris Hilton, but at least she is a good friend.

2. Shakira

Clearly also aware of the problems with paparazzi, the Colombian songstress has parked down a side alley and doubled herself over as she grabs her clutch from the car. She doesn't look too happy to have been spotted either which is fair enough, you shouldn't have to check what you are wearing and how you are looking just because you're a celebrity.

You never see these sorts of photos of men, do you?

3. Irina Shayk

The Russian Sports Illustrated model seems to be having a tough tie squeezing into the Mercedes Benz she owns as the wing door is very low down and she is, clearly, very tall. It doesn't help that she has had to sidle in and take her handbag with her in a car built for style over comfort and with no trunk space to put her belongings.

On the plus side, we're sure she got out of there quickly in that thing.

4. Zoe Saldana

The Guardians of The Galaxy actress has had to carry her belongings very carefully in front of her here and we can't help but ask, yet again, why is this necessary? Oh yeah, because the paparazzi have no chill and are allowed to get away with being incredibly pervy. The problem is, these photos sell so should the blame lie wth us?

Yeah, probably. This is the society we have created and this image illustrates that.

5. Britney

Britney has been outspoken about her dislike of the paparazzi and has even attacked their cars and was driven to a breakdown by them. That shouldn't be acceptable and yet the breakdown itself became headline news *sigh*. Here, the singer is leaning out of the car head first rather than leading with her legs but this discomfort should not be something anyone need worry about.

Obviously spotting a photographer, a glare is sent their way.

6. Sarah-Michelle Gellar

Granted, this is clearly a promo shot but the pose itself is one where the star has had to cross her knees in a most uncomfortable fashion and yet we expect this to be normal, and why? Because of the way the media treats stars as public property and, to a wider extent, the way women are treated.

And yet, here we are talking about it like it's perfectly normal.

7. Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian

Say what you like about the controversial Kardashian clan (or should that be klan?) but even they shouldn't have to shield themselves from cameras like Kourtney has as she crosses one arm over her lap to protect herself. How can we tell she's done that? Because it's a darn uncomfortable driving position otherwise.

You may argue that their family has made their fame from their bodies but that was their choice and if it comes from the intrusion of another party, then that is definitely not okay.

8. Kylie Jenner

Model and reality TV star, Kylie Jenner has had to go to the lengths of physically covering herself with her hand to stop any sick photographs. This was one her 18th birthday as well and so she was only just recognized as a legal adult. This image was then put in international publications including newspapers.

Just let her get out of the car people and leave her be!

9. Emma Watson

Even the actress and women's rights campaigner Emma Watson has to be careful when getting out of her vehicle at celebrity functions and we'd speculate that this fretful side-eye is aimed at the camera because of this. It seems that even a prominent feminist icon is not safe from this sort of absolute rubbish.

Apparently, the irony of it just went over the photographer's head.

10. Rita Ora

Rita Ora is our final slide to illustrate the point as she uses her bag as a modesty guard. We could have done countless slides like these on what female celebrities have to deal with but we'd rather not. The point is, we should not be creating a society that engenders this sort of hostility toward women.

So, the next time you go to buy a magazine, newspaper or even search something on the internet, think about what it means in the grand scheme of things.

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