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10 Hilarious Red Carpet Moments Everyone Needs To See

A red carpet is a place of celebration and a time where Hollywood's elite come out to play. But while it can appear all fun and games, the red carpet serves as another medium of promotion, where members of the press must be dazzled, and critics wooed.

But sometimes they genuinely look like they are having a ball so keep clicking through as we at The Celebrity Lane chronicle some of the funniest red carpet moments.

1. Ryan Gosling Draws On George Clooney's Face

It takes guts to draw a moustache onto a cardboard cutout of the legendary screen actor's face, but if anyone can get away with committing such blasphemy, it's Ryan!

Promoting the political thriller, 'The Ides of March', George Clooney looks oblivious to Ryan's cheeky prank, although Clooney isn't a stranger to pranking others! 

As well as being smoulderingly handsome and awe-inspiringly talented, the actor is also a world-class prankster who recently said he was working on a prank that will end Brad Pitt's career.

2. Leslie Mann Grabs A Cheeky Hold Of Cameron Diaz's Butt

The beautiful actresses had been doing the rounds on various press junkets and television shows in the lead up to the final and biggest promotion of all: the premiere of their 2014 movie, The Other Woman, which may have been one of the reasons why Leslie Mann felt a passionate urge.

Yep, she touched Diaz's plump derriere, leaving many to wonder what it must feel like to be in such a fortunate position.

3. John Travolta Finds Himself On The Receiving End Of Unrequited Love

He may be an iconic movie star who can charm the pants off most ladies, but when it comes to impressing a fellow movie star, The Grease star fell woefully short.

Pictured kissing the Hollywood hottie Scarlet Johansson at the red carpet for the 2015 Academy Awards, the blonde bombshell didn't look best pleased, although judging by the memes the image spawned, we're sure she eventually saw the funny side.

4. Ryan Reynolds Realises He Is A Lucky Guy 

Our favourite Hollywood couple has given us major relationship goals over the years because we love how at one they are with each other, especially when both always look like absolute goofballs together.

In this red carpet moment, however, we doubt Ryan's cheeky glance at his wife's midriff was supposed to be seen by the cameras! 

5. Amy Schumer Trips Infront Of Kanye And Kim

Judging by the priceless reactions on the faces of two of Hollywood's most attention-seeking celebrities, Amy Schumer's embarrassing fall didn't exactly sit kindly with the much-maligned couple.

Unfortunately, the fall wasn't a genuine one and was a prank instead, although the response it got from two of Hollywood's most famous faces, who didn't even help her up, is enough to make us giggle forever.

6. Jennifer Lawrence Falls Over At The Oscar's Ceremony

Technically, this embarrassing but oh so funny fall didn't take place on a red carpet, but we can't help but include it, especially because we love the way J-Law handled the blushes that came from such a public act of clumsiness.

When asked about what was going through her mind after the fall, Lawrence, who was donning a gown that was entirely unsuitable for any form of walking, let alone stair walking, said, " A bad word that I can't say, that starts with F." 

7. When Meryl Streep Goofed Around And Then Won An Oscar For Her Performance

Meryl Streep didn't actually win an Oscar for her performance as a middle-aged goofball, but if a such an award existed, we're sure the critically-acclaimed actress would have won.

Still, when you're willing to make a fool out of yourself on the red carpet and do away with the whole Hollywood facade, we can't help but love her even more! 

8. When Miley Was.... Herself

Whatever you say about the energetic and brazen pop star, there's no denying Miley's authenticity, even if she does happen to shove it in our faces!

Alas, we love her for being herself, especially when she gives us red carpet moments like the one above. 

9. When J-Law's Affection Towards Taylor Swift Was All Of Us

Whatever you say about T-Swift, there's no denying her musical abilities, and even if she can't seem to make them stay, we'd happily overstay our welcome if we were ever invited into Tay-Tay's life, something Jennifer Lawrence probably thought as well at the 2014 Golden Globes.

Gushing over a recent performance of hers, the two admitted to texting each other when interviewed, and considering J-Law was relatively new to Hollywood in 2014, her fangirling is almost too adorable to handle.

10. Geroge Clooney Can Make Anything Cool, Even Paddington Bear 

The cast of Monument's Men decided to do away with the pouty faces at the film's premiere and instead, a different pose was enacted... with a stuffed bear, of course.

Taking the word 'cool' to a whole new level, Clooney and co looked delightful and sent out a firm message to Kim Kardashian and co that those who take themselves too seriously could do with a bear in their lives.

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