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20 Rare Photos of Sophia Loren That Will Take Your Breath Away


Sophia Loren is a name that needs little introduction. But for those less familiar with the Italian bombshell, then you should know that her story is one which started from humble beginnings. In the words of one travel book, her hometown of Pozzuoli was described as "perhaps the most squalid city in Italy." But an ambitious Loren, who was once viewed by her nurse as "the ugliest child she had ever seen" wouldn't be deterred from making it as an actress. And after years of being teased in school for possessing a sickly figure, Loren eventually blossomed into a prepossessing young woman.

Soon after Sophia's transformation, Loren, and her mother found acting work in the Italian capital, Rome. Things were looking up, and Sophia quickly made a name for herself thanks to her effortless charm and beauty, and seven years after the move the actress hit the jackpot when she landed a role alongside Hollywood heavyweights Carry Grant and Frank Sinatra in the 1957 movie, "The Pride and the Passion."

Here, we'll go through 20 stunning photos of the Italian starlet that made her the icon she is today.

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