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Pelé to kick off world saving energy event
Brazilian soccer Soccer legend Pelé is getting back on the pitch to help save the planet at Shell's Make the Future London festival th...

Calvin Harris 'bewildered and astonished' by Taylor's new Romance
The DJ thinks it is "f***ing laughable" that the songstress has already met Tom Hiddleston's parents.

Diane Kruger's pay gap
Diane Kruger has claimed she's never been paid the same amount as a male co-star and has been called a "b***h" when she's tried to spea...

Starlet Lily Collins Still Feels British
The actress, whose father is the legendary British musician Phill Collins, feels "British at heart."

Sinead O'Connor insists she's safe and well
'Nothing Compares To You' singer Sinead O'Connor has taken to Facebook to tell her fans she is fine and well, after a member of her fam...

Calvin Harris Feels "Free" After Swift Breakup
The superstar DJ has let it be known he is moving on from the world-famous songstress.

Daisy Ridley dyes face yellow?
Daisy Ridley is worried she has dyed her face yellow after being too "liberal with the turmeric" during a new skincare routine.

Look up! Male Celebrities who are dating Taller Women
15 male stars who haven't let their height get in the way of their dream girl.

Anna Friel needs a strong man to 'handle her'
Anna Friel counts herself as a "strong woman" and needs a "stronger" man to "handle her".

Kit Harington to earn $500k per Game of Thrones episode
Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke and Peter Dinklage are set to earn more than $500,000 per episode on the seventh series of 'Game of Thrones'.

Iggy Azalea moves out of Nick Young's home
'Fancy' hitmaker Iggy Azalea has moved her belongings out of her former fiancé Nick Young's home

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston's Date Night
Hiddleswift are well and truly an item, it seems.

Lionel Richie photos to go on display in London
An photographic exhibition dedicated to Lionel Richie and his outstanding career is set to be unveiled at 45 Park Lane hotel in Mayfair...

33 Dresses That Were Gorgeous, Shocking & Scandolous
Dresses that shocked and scandalized and some that just looked downright great.

Kate Moss wants to open a nightclub in London
Kate Moss would "love" to open a nightclub in London because she always enjoyed going out dancing when she was younger.

25 Adorable Celebrity Prom Photos
In the hectic lives of the rich, famous and beautiful you might wonder where they find the time to do normal people things, but they we...

Wiz Khalifa: Kanye Twitter feud was weird
Wiz Khalifa says his Twitter feud with Kanye West was "weird" after the 39-year-old star mistakenly thought Wiz had dissed his spouse K...

Kate Beckinsale sends naked pictures of Michael Sheen to their da...
Kate Beckinsale has admitted that she and her daughter Lily send naked pictures of Lily's dad Michael Sheen to each other.

The 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces
Sometimes relationships don't work out and the heartache can be awful but it can also cause financial pain as well.

Mara Wilson comes out as 'bi/queer'
Mara Wilson has taken to Twitter to reveal that she identifies as "bi/queer".

Rob Kardashian's family learned about proposal online
Rob Kardashian didn't tell his family about his engagement to Blac Chyna and they only found out the news from online reports.

David Beckham invited to attend Ali's funeral
David Beckham has been invited by Muhammad Ali's family to attend the late boxing legend's funeral in Louisville, Kentucky

10 Actors Who Dramatically Changed Their Bodies For Roles
Some of us may go to great lengths for our jobs but maybe not this far.

Puff Daddy's son Graduates from College
The hip-hop mogul was nothing more than a proud father when he saw his son, Justin Combs, graduate from College.

Nick Cannon not delaying divorce
Nick Cannon insists he just wants estranged wife Mariah Carey to be happy and hasn't been delaying their divorce on purpose.

Kim Cattrall Reflected on Life at Night
The Sex and the City star was kept awake at night wondering whether or not she "deserved" what she has.

Carrie Underwood Likes to "Show off" Husband Mike Fisher
The country singer loved "showing off" her hockey husband Mike Fisher at the CMT Awards.

Daniel Radcliffe Unsure he'll see Potter Play
The Potter star thinks it would be "weird" for him to see "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child".

10 Great Films So Tragic You'll Never Watch Twice
Tissues at the ready, these are some tearjerkers.
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