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10 Jarring Celebrities Everyone Hated By The End of 2016
They may have earned millions in 2016, but these 10 stars accumulated millions more haters along the way.

6 Artists Who Released Anti-Trump Protest Songs
On the day of his inauguration, we look at the bands who really don't like Donald.

15 Celebrities Who Overcame Adversity To Get To Where They Are
For many stars, the road to success has been far more straightforward.

15 Classic Fantasy Films You Didn't Realize Were Being Re-Made!
The nostalgia factor is bringing us new versions of these classics!

18 Hollywood Relationships That Died In 2016
It appeared 2016 took no mercy when it came to arresting romantic love in Hollywood.

10 of Hollywood's Greatest Ever Comebacks
In a town of fading stars, these 10 celebrities proved that career comebacks aren't impossible in Tinseltown.

10 Famous People With Surprising Hidden Talents
They're talents go beyond what we know.

5 of The Best Om Puri Performances On FIlm
5 amazing performances from the legendary Indian Actor

15 of the Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments Ever Caught On Camera
Celebrities make monumental mistakes too, only theirs are caught on camera!

15 Hollywood Couples You Never Knew Were Married
Did You Know These Stars Had Tied The Knot?

15 of The Most Insanely Detailed Films of All Time!
The attention to the little things is what is really on show in these movies!

15 Kids Shows That Get Darker the More You Think About Them
They're all a bit scary when you think about it.

The 12 Most Expensive Movie Stunts Ever
They looked great but they cost a lot!

16 Things You Never Knew About Bill Gates
How much do you know about the world's richest man?

Celebrities Who Wore Terrible Christmas Jumpers And Still Looked Good
Only these celebrities could wear such hideous jumpers and still look festively fabulous.

The 15 Deadliest Films Ever Made by On-Screen Body Count
Some surprising titles in this gory list.

10 of The Best Manga Around
The Japanese Comic Book form is growing in popularity so here's where to start.

Why Do Female Celebs Have To Struggle Getting Out of Their Cars?
Why Do Female Celebs Have To Struggle Getting Out of Their Cars?

The 10 Best Christmas Movies To Get You In The Spirit
We think these are the 10 best Xmas films but are your faves on the list?

The 10 Most Overpaid Actors in Hollywood 2016
The actors who got the least return at the box office for what they were paid!

The 10 Most Popular Videos on YouTube of 2016
What the world was watching in the year that was.

15 of The Creepiest Santas On TV & Film
Everyone loves Santa...right?
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