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10 Celebrities Who Lost Their Cool On Camera
There's no business like showbusiness.

15 Actors Who Were Once Athletes
These people have proved a hit- both on and off the field.

The 15 Highest Paid Actors On TV
Who's bringing home the cash?

10 Celebrities Who Killed People
No matter how rich or famous you are, tragedy is never far away.

10 of The Best Michael Moore Films
A look at the controversial film maker's career

10 Shocking Moments Caught On Live Television
Moments of controversy caught on camera and broadcast to the world.

10 Stars Who Broke Down On Set
Acting can be both personally & financially rewarding but it can also become a little too much at times

Where Are They Now? 10 Reality Stars Who Used To Be Famous
The world of reality TV is often brutal, as these once-loved stars proved.

10 Criminal Celebrity Cases That Had Everyone Gripped To Their Seats
Some of these cases became international spectacles.

12 of The Best Banned Films That You Should Watch Anyway!
Just because they got banned, doesn't mean they're not good films!

17 Stars Who Used To Be Homeless
They may be living in the Beverley Hills now but these stars started from the bottom.

10 Singers Who Went Solo And Never Looked Back
Going it alone isn't always wise, but these 10 stars proved otherwise.

The 20 Highest Paid Actors In Film
We love to watch their movies but which of these leading men are making the most dough?

The 10 Highest Paid Actresses in Film
We love to watch their movies but who is taking home the most dough?

15 of The Best Halloween Movies To Watch With The Whole Family
It can be hard to find something scary and suitable for all to watch. Here are our top picks.

15 Movie Myths That Are Absolutely False!
We all know these common film tropes and many of us believe them true but here we are to debunk some of these.

Where Are They Now? Child Stars of the 70s
A look at some of the biggest child stars of the 70s and what they are up to now.

Here's What 15 Starlets From the 70s are up to Now
Cultural icons as well as stars, the feats of these 15 starlets almost beggars belief.

The 10 Highest Paid Comedians In The World
Getting a laugh is big business.

10 Actors Who Turned Down Iconic Roles
You can't get them all right but these stars must be kicking themselves.

Moulin Rouge At The Movies: 5 Films Featuring The Famous Cabaret Club
The icon of Paris has had its fair share of screen time.

15 Child Stars Who Went On To Lead Normal Lives
Sometimes Hollywood isn't what you want.

20 Hollywood Acceptance Speeches That Left Us Speechless
While their work was justly recognised, their acceptance speeches raised millions of eyebrows.

20 Celebrities Who Have Dated More People Than Casanova
Being a serial dater in Hollywood isn't hard- especially when you're famous.

10 of The Most Shocking Movie-Making Tragedies
The film industry can also be a dangerous one!

11 Celebrity Meltdowns That Shocked Everyone
Life in the spotlight isn't always easy.
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