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Selena Gomez regrets not going to prom
Selena Gomez says she regrets not being able to go to a high school prom like a "normal" girl would do

Nick Jonas: There's no 'bad blood' between Miley Cyrus and I
Nick Jonas insists there is definitely no "bad blood" between himself and his ex-girlfriend Miley Cyrus.

15 Famous People in Pretty Cool Bands
These pretty cool bands have some big names, known outside of music, in them.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's Nasty Divorce
Two days after the actor's mother died, Heard filed for divorce, reports have learned.

Jamie Bell in Talks to Play James Bond
Reports suggest the Billy Elliott star has begun talks with studio heads about taking on the iconic role.

Justin Bieber: Billboard Music Awards Rant was 'Honest'
The Biebs admitted his distaste towards award shows on his Instagram account.

Pink flustered after meeting 'crush' Johnny Depp
Pink was left flustered when she came face-to-face with her crush Johnny Depp.

Embarrassing Sporting Moments That Were Caught on Camera
When the world is watching, there's no escaping the cameras.

30 Gorgeous Photos From Celebrities On Holiday
It's hard being rich, famous and beautiful so sometimes you need a break.

25 Funny Photos of The Royal Family
The royals aren't all pomp and ceremony, sometimes they have a laugh too.

21 Rare Photos of The Life Of Elizabeth Taylor
A candid look at the glamorous star.

A look back at the Life of Hollwyood Icon Brigitte Bardot
We take a look back at some of B.B.'s finest moments.

Tom Hiddleston told to sex up Night Manager scene
Tom Hiddleston's famous love scene in 'The Night Manager' took multiple takes to get right because Danish director Susanne Bier didn't ...

You Won't Believe These Women Exist
These women will shock and amaze you in equal measure.

20 Rare Photos of Sophia Loren That Will Take Your Breath Away
A look back at the life of one of Hollywood's most enduring icons.

25 Most Beautiful Female Tennis Stars
Their prowess on court is only matched by their beauty.

GoT's Faye Marsay Teases Jon Snow Spoiler!
Faye Marsay might have revealed a bit too much about Kit Harrington's involvement in season 6.

Charlie Sheen Claims he is Owed $40m
The star claims he is owed 40m in syndication money for the defunct series, "Anger Managment".

David Schwimmer: 'My five-year-old daughter loves beer'
David Schwimmer says he let his five-year-old daughter try beer and now she loves the taste of it.

20 00s Icons - Then and Now
See how your favourite stars from the turn of the millennium have fared.

10 Beautiful Starlets Who Have Famous Parents
They are the daughters of some of the most famous people alive, but can you guess all 10?

Zac Efron Googled Himself Daily
The hunk admitted that his daily morning routine involved googling himself.

Demi Lovato Won't Back Down in Ongoing Taylor Swift Feud
The singer insists "she won't take s**t from anybody."

All Grown-up! 20 Amazing Child Star Transformations
You won't believe what #9 looks like!

Dame Helen Mirren Angers Fashion Designers by Recycling Outfits
The Oscar-winning actress gets told off "a lot" for wearing the same outfit more than once.

Emilia Clarke loved Game of Thrones Stripping Scene
The Game of Thrones star admitted the scene was "exciting."

10 90s Music Superstars - Then & Now
See how your favourite hit makers from the best decade ever have fared.

Jodie Foster wants to take care of Kristen Stewart
Foster has known the young actress since she was 10-years-old.
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