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10 Stars Who Died Or Were Severely Injured Whilst Filming
  Hollywood is just make believe, where billions of dollars are poured into absurd story lines with amazing special effects to make it seem more realistic. It is called suspension of disbelief and you need it to really accept what is going on on-screen but sometimes filming them can become all too real. Some actors have even put their lives on the line when trying to create their art and sadly some have lost theirs. Here we look at a few that were caused injury or lost their lives whilst on set. 1. Halle Berry The Oscar winner and former Catwoman had her arm broken by Ironman himself when Robert Downey Jr grabbed her arm during the filming for the 2003 thriller Gothika. It was an awful film and didn't deserve that much commitment from Berry but still.
15 Celebrity Couples Who Rekindled Their Romances
Love? It's a losing game a late singer once crooned, and for the most part, that tends to be the case. You fall in love, have a great honeymoon period, and then you spend the rest of the time worrying how long it will last before one of you no longer feels "the spark." 
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10 Celebrities Who Saved Themselves For Marriage
Los Angeles and its surrounding areas have long been held in contempt by those of a more religious-imposition because it's a city built on money, fame and power- things that aren't exactly in keeping with most religious scriptures.
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Daniel Day-Lewis Announces His Retirement From Acting
Daniel Day-Lewis is widely considered to be one of, if not the, finest actor of his generation but now, at the age of 60, he has decided to step away from the silver screen and pursue other interests in his life and when you've won three Oscars, why the heck not?
10 Celebrities Who Prefer Their Own Company
Let's face it: Being rich and famous would be awesome. You'd have all the love and adulation in the world to feed your fragile ego and the best stylists to make you look great. Oh, and you'd also be stinkin' rich.
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10 Celebrities With Bad Hygiene
Celebrities are regularly heralded as demi-gods and goddesses, and the biggest stars play a significant role in the cultural zeitgeist of the 21st century, allowing for a litany of media outlets like us to report on everything celebrity (muhahaha). 
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10 Actors You Didn't Know Could Sing
Thanks to the Internet and Google, we can know almost anything at the click of a button which is awesome because if Google wasn't around to tell me which actors could sing I honestly don't know what I'd do with my life.
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10 Celebrities Who Could Pass For Victoria's Secret Models
Their talents are other-worldly, and if things couldn't get any better, they also happen to look like Victoria's Secret models. Yes, we're talking about celebrities blessed with everything; talents, good looks, charisma, confidence. You name it, and they probably possess it, so with that annoying reality in mind (life really isn't fair, is it?) we've come up with 10 smoking hot female celebrities who we think could easily have got a casting with Victoria's Secret.
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10 Film Set Tragedies That Shocked Hollywood
Hollywood movie sets have long been places where dangerous stunts and real-life explosions go hand-in-hand, and it's also not unheard of for actors to perform their own stunts and get injured in the process.
The Richest Record Deals of All Time
Music is a notoriously difficult industry to break into because only a select few artists will sign record deals and experience lasting careers. Then again, there are a chosen few whom not only sign deals but also go on to great commercial success leading to more lucrative, life-changing deals further down the line.
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