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The 10 Highest Paid Comedians In The World
Getting a laugh is big business.

10 Actors Who Turned Down Iconic Roles
You can't get them all right but these stars must be kicking themselves.

Moulin Rouge At The Movies: 5 Films Featuring The Famous Cabaret Club
The icon of Paris has had its fair share of screen time.

15 Child Stars Who Went On To Lead Normal Lives
Sometimes Hollywood isn't what you want.

20 Hollywood Acceptance Speeches That Left Us Speechless
While their work was justly recognised, their acceptance speeches raised millions of eyebrows.

20 Celebrities Who Have Dated More People Than Casanova
Being a serial dater in Hollywood isn't hard- especially when you're famous.

10 of The Most Shocking Movie-Making Tragedies
The film industry can also be a dangerous one!

11 Celebrity Meltdowns That Shocked Everyone
Life in the spotlight isn't always easy.

10 Hilariously Bad Prop Fails On Film
When a scene is ruined by more than just wooden acting.

17 Hollywood Superstars Who Don't Call Hollywood Home
Tinseltown isn't always paradise- at least not for these globetrotting stars.

The 15 Highest Paid Actresses On TV
Who's bringing home the cash?

10 Celebrities Who Were Horrible To Their Personal Assistants
No matter how much you love these celebrities, you wouldn't ever want to work for them.

20 Stunning Shots of Actors With Their Body Doubles
It's not just the actors that do all the work.

25 of The Best Cult Films Ever Made
They may not be blockbusters, but darn were they good!

10 Times Stars Went All The Way In Their Movies
Sex scenes are never easy, but according to rumours, these stars went the whole hog.

5 Films Set At The Palace of Versaille
One of the world's grandest palaces on the silver screen

10 Movie Sequels You Didn't Know They Were Making
From those that sound good to ones that'll make you wonder why they thought another would be a good idea.

20 Disney Stars Who Completely Lost It
Being young, rich and famous can sometimes be a recipe for disaster.

10 of The Richest Kids in The World
These people are probably both younger and richer than you!

12 Movies So Bad That Their Directors Apologized For Them
When you pour your heart and soul into something and it's just no good.

Are These Celebs (& Others) Actually Time Travelers?
Have these people, including some of our favorite celebs, mastered time travel?

The 20 Richest Supermodels In The World
It's tough work being rich and beautiful but somehow these ladies manage it.

20 Interesting Celebrity Facts That Will Surprise You
Thought you knew everything about your favourite celebs? Think again....

The 20 Most Stylish Films Ever Made
It's all about being pleasing to the eye.
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