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John Legend Performs At London Train Station, Wows Commuters
The soul star stopped off in London to give an impromptu a train station.

15 Celebrities You Didn't Know Dated
These couples were actually an item at one time or other, however hard to believe that is!

Robert Pattinson Shaded Charlie Hunnam On Lost City of Z Set
It sounds like R-Patz made things very awkward for the Sons of Anarchy hunk on the set of their new movie.

13 Incredibly Influential Music Acts You've Likely Never Heard Of
These artists have inspired & influenced many but never quite hit mainstream success themselves.

10 of The Greatest Grunge Bands of All Time!
The best bands from the best genre of music!

10 Popular Actors That Critics Can't Stand
It seems these actors will never get close to an Academy Award- let alone get nominated for one.

10 Celebrities Who Were Born With Silver Spoons In Their Mouths
Not every celebrity story is a rags-to-riches one. In some cases, they were already stinking rich.

The High Life: 10 Photos Of Uber-Cool Celebrities And Their Priva...
When you're a fully fledged superstar, it appears the sky really is the limit!

10 Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions So Ridiculous It's Painful
Why do news outlets still care about this stuff?

10 of The Most Kickass Women Ever On TV
These women know how to pack a punch!

The 7 Most Expensive TV Shows Ever Made
Making TV costs a lot of money!

10 Hollywood Celebrities With Right Wing Views
La La Land is synonymous with a more liberal America, but more celebrities than you think hold conservative views.

15 Video Game To Film Adaptations That Changed Too Much
If you're going to adapt something you should at least keep the essence of the original.

10 Of The Most Succesful Boy Bands of All Time
With pretty looks and sweet harmonies, a successful boy band can often be a record label's dream.

10 New Netflix Shows Everyone Should Watch For 2017
Some of these shows could be the next big thing.

15 Gritty Reboots That Completely Missed The Mark
Making something darker & grittier doesn't instantly make it better.

10 Incredible Actors Who Have Never Been Nominated By The Academy
Following last night's Oscars, The Celebrity Lane has listed 10 greats actors who have never been nominated for an Oscar.

10 Famous Miss Universe Winners Then and Now
Can you remember any of these pretty faces?

6 Reasons Why The Oscars Will Get It So Wrong!
The Oscars are bland and suck! These things could shake them up a bit.

15 Amazing Actors Who Got Nominated For A Razzie
Some of these are Oscar winners!

12 Hollywood Celebrities That Are Known For Their Kindness
Being nice isn't often synonymous with fame and fortune but it appears these 12 celebrities are the exception.

10 of The Most Succesful Foreign Movies of All Time
It's not just Hollywood that churns out the hits.

10 Multi-Talented Actors Who Have Starred In Films They've Directed
Not happy just to have the starring role, these guys wanted to direct as well!
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