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10 Multi-Talented Actors Who Have Starred In Films They've Directed
Not happy just to have the starring role, these guys wanted to direct as well!

15 Awesome Movies With Really Confusing Timelines
These films are confusing and hard to understand, that doesn't make them any less awesome though!

16 Celebrities Who Used to be Refugees
Celebrities have come from a variety of backgrounds to get to where they are, with some even being refugees when they were younger.

10 Nicholas Sparks' Couples Ranked From Best to Worst
The famed romance novelist is no stranger to love so we thought we'd celebrate Valentine's Day by listing 10 of his most beloved couples.

10 Soviet Films You Should Definitely Watch
You've probably never heard of these films but you should definitely track them down

10 Celebrities Whose Kids Took Their Lives
We take a tragic look at the kids of 10 stars who ended their lives.

15 of The Best Character Transformations On Screen
Be it monster movies or psychological thrillers, these character transformations stunned audiences the world over!

10 Instagram Models Everyone Should Follow
Feast your eyes on some of the finest Instagram beauties out there.

10 Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease That Mustn't Go Untreated
While there is no known cure for Alzheimer's Disease, the disease is more likely to be controlled if it is detected early.

16 Popular Foods That Might Give You Cancer
Even the most popular foods aren't free from cancer-inducing properties.

Meet The Husbands And Boyfriends of 10 High Profile Victoria's Se...
In the eyes of many, they are the luckiest men alive.

15 Exciting TV Shows You Probably Haven't Seen
Everyone is watching Game of Thrones, but if you haven't seen any of these gems, we strongly recommend you check them out.

15 Movie Sequels You Never Knew Were Cancelled
We've missed out on some great and awful opportunities for films down the years.

10 of The Most Important Movies of Recent Times That You Have To Watch
Covering serious subjects through the medium of film.

15 High-Profile Actors Who Sensationally Quit Their TV Shows
Acting in a hit TV series is a dream most actors will never realise, but life at the top isn't always as rosy as it appears.

10 of The Best LGBT Films of All Time
In an often under-represented genre, we look at the best LGBT films that are out there.

The 6 Worst US Presidents In Video Games
We have no idea how we came up with this idea.

10 Jarring Celebrities Everyone Hated By The End of 2016
They may have earned millions in 2016, but these 10 stars accumulated millions more haters along the way.

8 Artists Who Released Anti-Trump Protest Songs
On the day of his inauguration, we look at the bands who really don't like Donald.

15 Celebrities Who Overcame Adversity To Get To Where They Are
For many stars, the road to success has been far more straightforward.

15 Classic Fantasy Films You Didn't Realize Were Being Re-Made!
The nostalgia factor is bringing us new versions of these classics!

18 Hollywood Relationships That Died In 2016
It appeared 2016 took no mercy when it came to arresting romantic love in Hollywood.

10 of Hollywood's Greatest Ever Comebacks
In a town of fading stars, these 10 celebrities proved that career comebacks aren't impossible in Tinseltown.
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